Students’ Sex Questions Answered in Xlibris Book

October 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
In the book, “Sex, Sin, and Satisfaction in the Classroom: Don’t You Think They should Lower the Age of Puberty,” the academic sphere becomes the venue for open discussion of a topic previously relegated in the bedroom and talked about in whispers: sex.

The suggestive title of this Xlibris release is sure to arouse (pardon the pun) alternative ideas in many a malicious mind, but “Sex, Sin, and Satisfaction in the Classroom: don’t You Think They should Lower the Age of Puberty?” serves a much higher purpose.

Written by psychologist, therapist, and human sexuality professor Dr. Ed Hibler, Sex, Sin, and Satisfaction… provides an interesting and intellectual discussion on the many questions plaguing the minds of his students and other individuals whose ages range from the late teens to early thirties. Most, if not all of these questions deal with sex from their vantage point.

It would be interesting to note that this book will debunk many myths and religious taboos pertaining to human sexuality. Topics range from virginity to male-female double standards. Hibler substantiates his answers to questions with historical facts and extensive research complete with citations from many references, one of which is the Bible.

Hibler also manages to keep controversial discussions interesting with wise quips and interesting insights, making the reader at ease with the topic of sex. Sex, Sin, and Satisfaction… is intellectual masturbation at its finest.

About the Author
Dr. Ed Hibler knows sex and can teach sex – in the academic sense. He has Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Counseling Psychology and Mental Health Education. He is a professor of Psychology at Fresno City College and at the California State University, and conducts active family therapy and business consultant practice.

Prior to his academic stint, Hibler served in World War II as a Navy intelligence and communications officer overseas. Upon concluding military service, he was an executive in advertising and sales promotion.

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