E-Control Sys. Presents IntelliCheck HACCP PDA with Advanced Remote Management

October 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
CHATSWORTH, CA, October 25, 2007 - E-Control Systems, Inc., a trusted leader of HACCP and remote temperature monitoring hardware and software products for the School Food Services, presents its new and advanced remote managements features for the IntelliCheck HACCP PDA and its FusionLive™ enterprise suite and comprehensive, wireless solution for HACCP compliance and remote temperature monitoring, at the New York School Nutrition Association Exhibition in Saratoga Springs, New-York, 27-28 October 2007, l, in conjunction with Bowerman Marketing Group, Booth 905-907.

The Remote Management features of the IntelliCheck™ HACCP PDA systems allows the School Food Service management to remotely monitor in real time the activities of all the kitchens and the various schools and make sure, in real time, that all food safety measures are fully implemented and corrective actions determined by the IntelliCheck™ HACCP PDAs are immediately implemented.

IntelliCheck™ is a web-based, handheld PDA and wireless IntelliProbe™ system for HACCP and food temperature monitoring during preparation and service. PDAs can be monitored from a central location, enabling real-time management intervention fro all unresolved and/or site-specific corrective actions.

With other solutions in the marketplace, Foodservice personnel still face major concerns:
- If the cable that ties the probe to the PDA is damaged, a replacement may not be readily available as PDA models frequently change and become obsolete, sometime in a matter of just months.
- There is the danger of losing the PDA stylus in the food.
IntelliCheck™ eliminates ALL of these concerns! The IntelliProbe™ can communicate wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled PDA (there is no cable attaching the probe to the PDA), and the PDA is operated by finger-tip (no need for a stylus).

E-Control Systems’ FusionLive™ is a single platform for monitoring of all E-Control Systems IntelliProducts.

FusionLive™ features its own dashboard interface – MyFusion™, which allows full screen customization so that you can centrally monitor your IntelliProducts in a single view.

With FusionLive™ and MyFusion™, all your food safety, temperature monitoring, and HACCP controls are centrally managed and easy to monitor.

“Managing HACCP/Food Safety through a single platform is a vital need for any commercial Kitchen,” says Dr. Gideon Zeidler of the University of California, Riverside and Chairman of the Institute of Food Technology (IFT) Foodservice Division. According to Dr. Zeidler, “Integrated solutions such as the Fusion platform are the future of HACCP/Food Safety monitoring.”

NYSNA attendees will see FusionLive™ in action with E-Control Systems IntelliProducts and HACCP/Food safety solutions, including:

• IntelliSense™ - A family of low-cost, wireless temperature, door, humidity, pressure and leak monitoring solutions for monitoring in refrigeration and warming equipment.

• IntelliCheck™ - As mentioned above

• IntelliCart™ - Wireless temperature monitoring system for food carts, portable stations and equipment used while transporting food items between various locations.

• IntelliControl™ - A web-based solution for monitoring and control of Scotsman Ice Machine units in multiple locations with Prodigy remote-access modules.

• IntelliTrack™ - A logging device for temperature data collection, ideal for monitoring temperatures during transportation, for example, from central to satellite kitchens.

• IntelliRinse™ - A pioneering, wireless dishwasher rinse temperature monitoring solution for either new or existing dishwasher upgrades.

• IntelliQuip™ - HACCP monitoring of NAFEM Data Protocol compliant foodservice equipment [i.e. combi-ovens, blast chillers, ice machines, food carts, warmers, etc.].

• IntelliMonitor™ - A solution for monitoring food temperatures at prep tables, food wells, and other stations.

About E-Control Systems, Inc.
E-Control Systems, Inc. is the emerging leader for NAFEM Data Protocol compliant hardware and software for the food service industry. Its enterprise management and information software allows easy integration and automation of any size restaurant or commercial kitchen. Its scalable architecture and SQL compliant database makes this system useful in single location, 10-location, or 10,000-location installations. Its software is used in commercial equipment for the food service industry including walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-ins, under-counters, grills, fryers, ice machines, washers, and many more. These integrated solutions leverage state-of-the-art technologies and innovative practices to enhance performance, profitability, and competitive advantage. To learn more about E-Control Systems, Inc. and how we can help you, please visit us online at http://www.eControlSystems.com or call 888-384-3274.

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