Imperato Steps Out Again - Predicts Republican Strategy for 2008

November 06, 2007   Politics News
(PRLEAP.COM) Washington, DC. — Leading Independent Libertarian Presidential candidate Daniel Imperato has proven an uncanny ability to predict the headlines, especially when it comes to the Bush Administration and their cadre of “polished – ticians” methods of winning elections. Citing several of his own previous accurate predictions, Imperato made a new and even bolder prediction for what we can expect from the Republicans during the 2008 presidential campaign.

He leads with “Don’t throw out George W. Bush yet. The Administration will come on strong using its close relations with Saudi Arabia through former foreign Ambassador Prince Bandar, and Turkey with their coming offensive against the Kurdish rebels. These actions will embolden the war hawks in the Republican ranks and reenergize their currently lethargic base.”

The complex relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia, which really became cemented when Franklin Roosevelt met with King Ibn Saud, reflects the closeness that the Bush Administration enjoys with the Saudi Royal family to this day. Imperato links this as the major reason that Osama Bin Laden has never been apprehended considering his roots are from Saudi soil.

“The problem of bringing down Bin Laden and his terror operation will be solved in 2008 under a grand scheme that the Republicans have cooked up to win the 2008 election,” offers Imperato. “Soon the Bush Administration will announce that they have found the remains of Bin Laden and declare that he is dead. However, proof verifying the DNA of Osama bin Laden which will not check out, but as has been the mode of operation over the last seven years, the media will play along and half the country will believe the story just as they still believe that Saddam Hussein was involved in the September 11 attack.”

According to Daniel Imperato, a well-connected and internationally recognized businessman, the real reason for the cooling down of the Iraqi insurgency and the Iraqi government’s sudden ability to step up to take more responsibility is a triangulation of efforts behind the scene that has caused Bin Laden himself to advise his terrorists to stand down for a short time.

Using Prince Bandar as the backchannel to ease tensions in Iraq gives Bush the cover to expand his threats against Iran. Bin Laden would like nothing more than to see the United States drawn into yet another unwinnable military conflict. On the surface Prince Bandar will present the appearance that the Saudi government is seriously tracking the Al-Qaeda operatives who were responsible for taking down the towers. But in reality it is Bin Laden’s strategy to appease the Saudis which in return appeases the Bush Administration which leaves Bush and his warriors free to turn their target toward Iran.

What Daniel Imperato envisions he characterizes as a despicable scenario. He is outraged that our present rulers - including members of congress who authorized war and continue to fund war - allow these events to unfold unchecked. “I consider the 9-11 attack on our nation as a direct challenge by Bin Laden to try to destroy our nation’s birthrate of Judeo-Christian principles that date back to the Biblical times of Jacob and Aesop”.

“Finding the false remains of Bin Laden and the calming of the Iraqi/Al Qaeda insurgency will pave the way for the Bush Administration to claim victory in Iraq and procede with an attack on Iran. The appearance of Bush Administration success in Iraq has the global potential of increasing Bush and the Republicans credibility. That is a dangerous precedent that will only embolden the Republican nominee to continue arguing for war with congressional leaders falling in lock-step and allowing approval under the guise of defending our national security. What better way for the Republicans to try to win the 2008 election and justify everything that the Bush Administration has stood for during its tenure?”

Imperato’s statements are based on his private intelligence gatherings that only a man with his high degree of foreign knowledge and expertise could deduce. He boldly expects these predictions to take place during the 2008 election year, and follows with, “In the event that my intelligence is correct, it will prove to the American people once again that I have the knowledge and wisdom to run our country as president based on my experience of the globe and specifically the Middle East region.

“In addition, I anticipate moves by Turkey against the PKK will foment and invoke negotiations to cut-up Iraq into three separate countries. I stated before that a grand bargain has been paved by Talabani and Barzani who have already claimed control and ownership of Iraq’s northern region of Kurdistan in direct opposition to the recommendations of the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group Report.

“The plan is for the Administration to back the triangular separation specifically for the purpose of controlling the oil fields in the north. Once these chips are played by Talabani and Barzani, the Saudi oil cartel will be forced to refine and distribute oil making Houston the broker of all that oil.”

Imperato has been deadly accurate in predictions before. One only needs to go back to his press releases over the last two-and-a half years to see. It was January of 2006 that Imperato told the world of how Bin Laden was maintaining the strength of his enterprise – through the poppy production in Afghanistan. Also in 2006, Imperato offered to meet with the representatives of the Bin Laden Organization to discuss a truce, because as he put it “I [am] the individual most able to maintain the integrity, dignity, and cool atmosphere in order to pull off what could be the greatest peace treaty in the history of our country.” It is noteworthy to remind the American voter of Mr. Imperato’s serious intentions as presidential candidate since the history of the world is riding on proper and peaceful settlement of our long-standing disputes.

“I am ready, willing, and able to stand up to face Osama Bin Laden or anyone of his followers, advisors, or administration to hammer out an agreement for peace in the region,” expressed Imperato. “I stand out in faith and call on the American people not to stand by and watch the events unfold, but to insist that our country use my talents and the talents of hundreds of others who seek peace rather than war. My intuition and experience will prove itself once again”.

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