Consumers Seeking More Green and Organic Products According to Mambo Sprouts 2008 Buying Trends Survey

December 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
December 18, 2007 - Despite a tougher year ahead, consumers are willing to pay more for green environmentally friendly products in 2008. That’s according to a recent MamboTrack™ study by Mambo Sprouts Marketing, the leader in natural and organic product marketing and promotions, which surveyed the buying habits of 1,000 natural product consumers and forecasted their expected purchases for the coming year.

With deterioration in the housing market, soaring energy costs, and tight financing ahead, economists are predicting a decline in consumer spending during 2008. Yet many consumers still see green as a priority. Most natural consumers indicated they would pay more for environmentally friendly products, with seven in 10 consumers willing to pay up to 20% more. Only one in 10 respondents said they were unwilling to pay extra for green products and services.

In turn, the study revealed that consumer interest in healthy, organic and sustainable products is on the rise, showing a commitment to organic foods and green products not only for personal health benefits but also for the environment.

Survey results showed consumers aren’t just scrutinizing the products they buy, but want to support businesses and retail stores that have green sustainable practices. More than 7 in 10 indicated it was important (41%) or very important (32%) to do business with companies that were environmentally responsible. For the coming year, while price was the overriding factor (60%) in their decision of where to shop, 1 in 2 or more consumers also identified the selection of healthy organic products (56%) and availability of organic produce (49%) as key factors as well.

When it comes to grocery spending in particular, natural category consumers indicated they were most likely to choose organic options for produce (60%), dairy products (54%) and child/baby food products (50%). Only one in four or fewer felt it was very important to buy organic in the categories of beer and wine (10%), pet food (23%) and desserts and snacks (23%). Natural and organic consumers plan to increase their use of environmentally-friendly grocery bags with 63% expected to increase their use of these green reusable bags and 62% expected to decrease their use of disposable plastic bags in 2008.

Green restaurants, hybrid electric cars, eco-clothing and eco-travel/vacations are among the earth-friendly products and services prospect consumers are targeting for 2008. About 7 in 10 or more natural and organic product consumers already use energy saving light bulbs (77%), recycled paper (69%), environmentally friendly cleaning supplies (68%) and energy efficient appliances (64%). Six in ten respondents indicated significant interest in expanding their earth-friendly practices by dining at “green” or eco-friendly restaurants (64%), buying a hybrid/electric car (61%), eco-friendly travel and vacations (60%) and buying clothing made from earth-friendly materials such as organic cotton, bamboo and hemp (61%).

“Natural consumers have already checked off the low-lying fruit when it comes to green purchasing and environmental responsibility,” says Matthew A. Saline, CEO of Mambo Sprouts Marketing, a multi-faceted direct marketing company that operates exclusively in the health, natural and organic products arena. “Organic dining, hybrid cars and eco-friendly fashion are the logical next step, and there are a growing number of consumers out there ready to take it.”

Survey results courtesy of Mambo Sprouts’ MamboTrack™ online survey taken between December 11 and December 14, 2007—1,000 natural and organic product consumers responding. Click here to reach Mambo Sprouts for green and organic product marketing and promotions

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