New Sex Book Reveals the Discovery of Full-Body Dual Orgasm Technique™ along with 75 other sexual, romantic, and foreplay skills for both men and women.

July 25, 2005   Health News
(PRLEAP.COM) Festiva Publishing LLC, announced the publication of it’s book “Recipes for Better Sex: 75 Delicious Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life,” by authors Lance Russell and Rebecca Smith. The book reveals the discovery of the Full-Body Dual Orgasm Technique™ along with 75 other sexual, romantic, and foreplay skills for both men and women.

The Full-Body Dual Orgasm Technique™ method gives women simultaneous, multiple clitoral and g-spot orgasms. Women have described the intense sensations delivered from this method as: “…a wave of pleasure filling my entire body…” “…a bed grabbing, scream out loud, out of control orgasm…” “…the most intense pleasure I’ve ever experienced…”

Co-authored by a man and a woman who have lectured to Human Sexuality classes at Universities in California, the book gives insight into heightening passion in the bedroom from the perspective of both sexes.

“Recipes for Better Sex” is not simply a list of romantic ideas or a by-the-numbers sex manual,” said Rebecca Smith, author. “The book offers a complete menu of erotic knowledge for couples. It starts with romantic appetizers, then foreplay ideas to arouse your lover’s appetite, and ends with main course feasts of advanced sexual techniques including many oral techniques and sexual skills for both men and women to add variety, intimacy and heightened orgasms to their relationships. Fantasy roll playing, massage, erotic games and adult toys are also covered; plus, many famous and humorous quotes on romance and sex are featured in the book, as well.”

“Recipes for Better Sex” addresses a number of sexual issues for both men and women.

“Many women have told us they no longer need to ‘fake orgasms,’” said Lance Russell, author. “Also, they experience extreme vaginal lubrication, and some even report female ejaculation, when a man uses the Full-Body Dual Orgasm Technique™, and other sexual methods in the book, on them. This both excites their lover and overcomes any issues of uncomfortable sex caused by vaginal dryness. In addition, women tell us the techniques they learn to please a man give them a great sense of confidence in the bedroom.”

“For men, the issues of performance anxiety and concerns over penis size disappear from the confidence gained seeing the woman experience such an intense orgasm when using the techniques in the book,” said Russell. “It’s incredible to see a woman grabbing the bed and trembling out of control with pleasure.”

“Recipes for Better Sex” sells for $9.95 and it is available at and
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