"Don't Spoil Your Appetite" - Relationship by: Drew L Hinds

West Palm Beach, Florida   March 25, 2009   Lifestyle News
(PRLEAP.COM) Riviera Beach, FL March 25, 2009 — A lot of people are looking for love and lasting relationships, just to end up frustrated in their quest for it. Wondering why did the other do that? Why can't they understand me? And just how much more of this can I take? As frustrated as we might get, the general population is liable to try again, in hopes to have a better outcome. Drew L. Hinds have been in this exact place, and through experience and inspiration, has been able to publish his first Relationship Self-Help book, entitled "Don't Spoil Your Appetite / Recipes for Life, Love and Happiness."

For those not familiar with his work: the book uses poetry, short stories, and practical discussion objectives, to engage the reader in thoughts about relationships. "Have you ever just contemplated to yourself, If only I knew then what I know now?" "If you are dating, married, looking to get married, single, divorced, on the rebound, or just looking for a new recipe for your significant other, this is the book to digest." Well, sit back, relax and feast on a book that can help the reader get it right, just before a spoiled appetite. The book will be available for order at Amazon.com, and on the website, so don't be the last to get a copy.Don't Spoil Your Appetite is a book that is designed to engage the reader in a spirit to spirit conversation, that provokes thought, awareness and change.

The website has further information about this book. Mr. Hinds is a: song writer, author, mentor, motivational speaker, photographer, graphic designer, music producer, recording vocalist, poet, police officer and self taught pianist, who uses his talent to assist those who would like to network with like minded individuals.
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