Help, I've Lost My Digital Pictures or Digital Data. There's now a Way to Get em' Back. has Solutions to Recover Digital Images & Data from all Sorts of Media Devices Including iPods.

October 02, 2004   Lifestyle News
(PRLEAP.COM) Digital Image Recovery - Compact Flash Data Recovery - Digital Photo Recovery - All types

Pictures, cameras and film are not the same as the past. Consumers are now equipped with digital cameras, memory sticks, USB drives, and printers. We no longer have to allow strangers behind a counter "trust' in handling our film. With advances there is always a chance something may go wrong. Imagine you are at your sisters wedding and she has entrusted you with the task of photographing her most important day. What would you do if after the beautiful wedding and reception, you returned home to find no data stored on your media device? Companies such as are a priceless resource for people who have digital images or data which need to be recovered. If you are a person who uses a digital camera or digital media device and has images you can't retrieve, now you can. Many people are unaware of digital image recovery and may think they have lost their photos or data permanently. An impressive 94% of cases eProvided has handled have ended in a successful retrieval of customer images or data.

eProvided is one of the fastest growing media card and digital camera data recovery companies. The company's Quality Assurance Technical Manager, Bruce Cullen, and his team have a wealth of experience in file recovery. For several years they have provided technical support to a wide variety of digital camera users, and the new Image-Recover© process will only serve to increase the benefits for their customers. eProvided has experienced an incredible 6000% increase in web activity since inception. They currently assist consumers nationwide, and around the globe, Hong Kong, Australia, and Europe. Company expansion to Africa and offices in Europe are also being discussed at this time.

Digital image recovery service was developed by Bruce Cullen, when his wife's digital images were lost during a trip to Europe. Whether the Memory Stick was corrupt or something in the airport scanners affected it, he knew the problem could be fixed when after only a second try; he was able to salvage all of the pictures. According to Cullen, most people think the technology is so complicated that the images are gone. One point Cullen notes as very important; if you just can't retrieve your images or data, preserve the device in as close to the original condition as possible; this increases the likelihood of a successful recovery.

The Image-Recover© process salvages lost images and data from a wide variety of corrupt, deleted, or damaged media:

SmartMedia | CompactFlash | Memory Stick | MMC-SD | MiniSD | PCMCIA | Microdrive | SD or PC Card image storage devices | USB Devices - USB Jump Drives | Hard Drives – USB Hard Drives | CD-RW/CD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-R | iPod Devices – iStick | xD Card | And all others

Recently, eProvided was commended by a Sheriff's Department for the retrieval of evidence photos that were vital to a currently pending criminal court trial. The Sergeant stated "When I contacted the manufacturer for advice I did not get much help. The three levels of ‘Help' I spoke to had no idea what the problem was. I found it hard to believe the camera would give a specific error code and no one from this major manufacturer had any idea what it meant.' – Sergeant Cole

Digital Image Recovery - Compact Flash Data Recovery - Digital Photo Recovery - All types

eProvided has been sought out by high profile clients such as NASA (JPL), and U.S. White House Representatives. Demand for digital recovery goes hand in hand with the unlimited amount of digital products on the market today. Some large manufacturing giants are halting the development of traditional 35mm film to evolve into digital media. As holiday's pass items such as digital cameras, MP3 players, digital camcorders, PDA's, recording devices are flying off the shelves at an unbelievable rate compared to previous years. In the near future many cell phones will also be equipped with flash cards to store images and data as well. All of these items have digital media in common, which means eProvided is ready when something goes awry. Your digital images and data are important, now there's a solution in getting your data recovered and delivered on a CD-Rom or downloaded immediately online; right back in your hands in less than 24 hours. is also currently looking for data recovery partners in Europe.

Bruce Cullen, eProvided's President is interested in working with digital image recovery card makers to support & outsource consumers recovery needs; Mr. Cullen states "It's a win win for both the buyers of the media card devices and the makers; consumers would have access to recovery options from media makers customer support centers referring eProvided digital image recovery services directly" - contact eProvided for details.


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