National Algae Association Launches Innovative Commercial-Scale Algae Production Incubator

June 29, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The National Algae Association is creating a new algae production incubator to help lower the costs and risks associated with the newly emerging algae production industry. It will be the first commercial-scale algae production incubator in the US and will allow algaepreneurs to scale-up on acreage and move the technologies that universities, research labs and the private community have been developing for over 50 years off the shelves and into the market.

NAA's Engineering Consortium has confirmed that there is a steep learning curve to bring their ideas to market. Algaepreneurs, colleges and universities who are ready to scale-up their technologies and processes for commercial scale-production will have the opportunity to join the new algae production incubator. Acreage, water, research services, lab space, benchmarking and management services will be made available to assist in lowering start-up costs and risk of commercial scale-up issues. Clusters of algae producers will be building commercial-scale equipment, benchmark their systems (i.e., growing, harvesting and extraction methods) and will share research services. For the first time in history, algae researchers will have an opportunity to work with commercial-scale equipment. The NAA also aims to serve algae production start-ups with services linked to investors, lenders, lawyers, accountants and other professionals.

The Algae Incubator Process:

Step 1: Submission of Incubator Preliminary Review Questionnaire, accompanied by a complete business plan and financial projections, to the National Algae Association for review by an advisory board of business leaders and algae researchers to determine viability of the technology and admission into the program.

Step 2: Review of information to determine a suitable match of acreage, water and other services for the algaepreneur. This step includes entry of data into the incubator data base, maintenance and upkeep of which will enable NAA to monitor the progress of each project

Step 3: Once a potential match has been found, data will be forwarded to a proposed host company. If the host company expresses an interest in the company, you will be contacted to set up an appointment and begin negotiations.

Step 4: If negotiations between the algaepreneurs and the host companies are successful, the appropriate documentation is signed, and the new algae start-up incubator company is hatched!

For additional information contact:

National Algae Association
4747 Research Forest Drive, Suite 180
The Woodlands, TX 77381