Prem Rawat Draws Record Attendance in Malaysia

October 15, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — Prem Rawat, known internationally for his message of peace within and referred to by the honorary title Maharaji, drew an overflow crowd of more than 4,600 at an event in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The event took place at the Kompleks Belia dan Kebudayaan complex on October 8th.

It was Prem Rawat’s first major public appearance in Malaysia since 1997, and it attracted a record number of attendees, including 3,000 newcomers and more than 1,500 people already familiar with his message. This was despite the smaller locale used for this event than for his previous visits over the last 24 years to the capital city Kuala Lumpur.

Prem Rawat has been officially recognized by government, civic, and political leaders throughout the world for his ongoing efforts to share a message of peace and hope with millions of people from all walks of life and in more than 50 countries. His talks have been translated into 70 languages and can be seen on the award-winning satellite and cable T.V. program “Words of Peace.”

Speaking about the event’s success, one of the Malaysian event organizers, Siva Anamalay, C.E.O. of Prime Academy Malaysia Berhad, which hosted the event, said, “Prem Rawat had, on a number of visits to Malaysia, indicated his interest to reach out to people in the smaller towns. A suitable venue was found in the city of Shah Alam. We are absolutely delighted that this number of people attended. It was the collective effort of many people.”

Mithran Poobalan, of Prime Academy Malaysia Berhad, further commented, “As soon as the event was announced, it became apparent that the people in Shah Alam were very eager to see Prem Rawat in person. In anticipation, we prepared an overflow room with a live video feed in English and translations in Hindi and Tamil. Although we were prepared for a capacity turnout, the actual turnout was beyond our expectations since approximately 400 people had to watch the event from the overflow room.”

A first-time attendee was Dr. Satasivam, C.E.O. of the Sri Kota Medical Hospital in Klang, Malaysia. As one of approximately 50 doctors in the audience, he noted, “It was fantastic and magnificent. Prem Rawat was excellent, and I marveled at his simplicity.”

K. Prapakaran, the event manager, is already preparing for Prem Rawat’s next visit. “We are looking at the Bukit Jalil Stadium for the next event,” he said. “The venue can accommodate 15,000 people comfortably.”

The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), founded by Prem Rawat, spearheads and supports significant humanitarian initiatives. It recently contributed $110,000 in food-aid relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina in the U.S. Gulf Coast and to victims of the widespread famine in Niger, West Africa. This year alone, TPRF has donated over $300,000 to the United Nations’ World Food Programme and over $100,000 to the Houston Food Bank.

To discover more about Prem Rawat, his message of peace and humanitarian activities, visit: The Prem Rawat Foundation

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