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(PRLEAP.COM) Although the new PureShot Driver by ExcitoGolf, Inc. (http://excitogolf.com) relies on its unique mechanical properties to assists golfers in learning to drive the ball further and straighter each time by finding the sweet spot of their driver every time. If the golfer misses the sweet spot of the PureShot Driver, he is treated to a mis-hit of exaggerated proportions, forcing one to focus on tempo, swing and the area of ball contact the sweet spot.

Located in Kalamzoo, Michigan, ExcitoGolf's founder and CEO Vadim Guchinskiy, an avid golfer and an entrepenuer says: "I have been through many lucrative business scenarios, but this is unique. I think it's the most fun driver training aid ever invented. The PureShot Driver is already helping everybody who has tried the early prototypes to hit the ball longer and straighter, right on the sweet spot!"

"When I miss the sweet spot with the PureShot Driver, the ball goes literally haywire. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I receive instant feedback through ball flight, sound and feel. I make myself focus on the sweet spot of this club and it motivates the heck out of me to not miss that elusive spot," says Brent Richman company's employee. The club's unique elevated and small sweet spot drastically exaggerates every poor shot. "It's almost like the club is laughing at me so I find myself almost sweating with concentration by the end of the practice session," concludes Richman, "But it sure pays off in the long run."

In the past, people used relatively inadequate training clubs- and, in fact, none of these clubs were actually developed for learning how to hit the sweet spot- or one was forced to practice with a pro. Whether hooking or slicing, the pro would teach the golfer to change their body movement. With the PureShot Driver, critical lessons can come in less than seven swings. PGA pro, Jason Streeter, says, "PureShot Driver training aid will help you find the most important ingredient to successful ball striking- hitting the center of the club face. By using this driver one can find the sweet spot more consistantly which will lead to longer and straighter drives."

Whether taught by a pro or through practice with a training device, the reality is that the body must learn to find the right position to facilitate pure contact with the center of the club face. This is best served when the golfer manages to hit the sweet spot several times, teaching his body to "lock in" to the perfect position for solid contact. ExcitoGolf has found that, often, after only seven straight shots with the PureShot Driver, picking up your own driver will produce a ball flight almost inconceivable before this short practice session- the ball flies longer and straigter.

The only way to learn how to hit the sweet spot of your driver every time is through repetition, if you can get your body to hit the PureShot Driver straight down the middle several times in a row your body will adjust to the new motion, whether you need to move the ball up in your stance or get closer or further away from the ball depending on your mis-hits, you will start to feel what it is like to hit the dead center of the club.

For some, the PureShot Driver may be their best ticket to getting on the fairway and watching, at long last, their ball flying yards ahead of the pack after the gift of the purest shot imaginable.

Currently the PureShot Driver is scheduled to be launched summer 2011.

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