Dr. Barry McCarty Press Statement on Harriet Miers’s withdrawal as a nominee to the Supreme Court.

October 29, 2005   Lifestyle News
(PRLEAP.COM) Dallas, Texas: Dr. Barry McCarty, Valley View Christian Church, Press Statement on Harriet Miers’s withdrawal as a nominee to the Supreme Court.

Dr. Barry McCarty’s press statement on the Harriet Miers’s withdrawal as a nominee to the Supreme Court. Dr. McCarty “While her friends here at Valley View Christian Church are disappointed that Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination for the U.S. Supreme Court, we support her in that decision and are grateful that she will continue to serve the nation as White House Legal Counsel. As a respected member of the legal community, a public servant, and a faithful church member, Harriet has embodied the principle of service above self. We salute her and continue to remember her, the President, and all those who lead the nation in our prayers.”

Dr. McCarty continues his statement: “I am often asked, ‘Who is Harriet Miers?’ and here is what I respond:”

“When President George W. Bush announced his nomination of the White House Legal Counsel to replace Sandra Day O’Connor as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, the name in the news on October 3, 2005 was a familiar one to people in the pews at Valley View Christian Church: Harriet Miers.”

“Prior to her service in the White House, Harriet was best known for her distinguished career as a Dallas attorney whom the National Law Journal named as one of the nation’s 100 most powerful attorneys. Throughout her career, Harriet blazed a trail for other women to follow, becoming the first woman to serve as president of the Dallas Bar Association and the State Bar of Texas.”

“But at Valley View Christian Church, Harriet was best known as an active church member and a dedicated volunteer in several of our church’s ministries. One of the fundamental values of our church is “the priesthood of all believers.” We believe that God calls every member of the church to ministry—an ideal that Harriet exemplified in her volunteer service at Valley View.”

“Many of the young adults of our congregation, including our current High School Minister Kevin Rossen, remember her as their teacher in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade class during our Sunday night children’s program. And Missionaries around the world remember Harriet as a leader in Valley View’s missions ministry, noted as one of the largest and far-reaching missions programs among Christian churches.”

“Like many adults who have found success, but still search for significance, Harriet came to a saving faith in Christ as an adult. Through her friendship with a law partner, Nathan Hecht, Harriet became a born-again Christian, being baptized at Valley View in June 1979. Following the practice of the New Testament church, we baptize only penitent believers by complete immersion in water.”

“Though some conservative leaders have been concerned that President Bush did not pick a high-profile movement conservative for the Supreme Court, fellow church members who have known Harriet for more than a quarter century have no doubts about her commitment to Christian values as well as her commitment to the President’s conservative judicial philosophy.”

“While Valley View Christian Church does not take positions on partisan political candidates or issues, we do take a strong stand for moral values in public life, including the sanctity of marriage and the right to life. On January 16, 2005, The Lookout magazine marked the anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision with an article by our preaching minister, Dr. Barry McCarty, entitled ‘A Voice for Those Who Cannot Speak.’ http://www.lookoutmag.com/pdfs/899.pdf Dr. McCarty wrote: The principle that every human being has an unalienable right to life is not only a biblical idea. It has been the bedrock of every civilized society throughout history… .”

“Not all of us will live to be old. But every one of us was once an unborn child. And though we were small, naked, nameless, and voiceless, we were nonetheless real and infinitely valuable to God. The time has come for America to speak for those who do not yet have a voice of their own and to defend those who cannot yet defend themselves. The time has come to turn a culture of death into a culture of life.”

“Our church family at Valley View has faithfully remembered Harriet Miers in our prayers throughout her service in public life. And we especially remember her now as she prepares for the Senate hearing on her nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Dr. Barry McCarty is Preaching Minister at Valley View Christian Church, Dallas Texas, a non-denominational, independent, Bible-based Christian church serving Jesus and the Dallas local community. Dr. McCarty is past president of Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary and hosts a weekly radio program called “The Christians’ hour” that reaches over five million people around the world each week with the life-changing power of the Gospel. Now in his eighth year on the Christians' Hour, Dr. McCarty's experience as a preacher and a teacher of preachers enables him to communicate God's Word in a clear, concise, compelling style. As part of the Gospel Broadcasting Mission, The Christians' Hour can be heard in Asia and the Far East, in parts of Africa and the Middle East, as well as on 40 stations throughout the U.S. and on the web at http://www.vvcc.org.

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