iWebsiteMaker.com Unveils New User-Friendly Design

March 27, 2012   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) It is imperative, in this day and age, for small businesses to have their own corner of the Web from which to sell their products and services, yet many small business owners lack the time, resources, and expertise to design a truly appealing and effective website. For a long time now, many business owners have turned to the services of iWebsiteMaker.com, which allows for the easy and affordable creation of a professional-looking corporate website. Now, iWebsiteMaker.com's services have become even easier to use, thanks to a brand new, features-rich redesign.

According to site developer and company owner Jason Kay, the new iWebsiteMaker.com redesign is a testament to the importance of a functional and attractive website. "The services offered at iWebSitemaker.com is invaluable to small business owners, who really need to have a great online presence that helps them to stand out," notes Kay. "So it only makes sense that our own site is as sleek, as eye-catching, and as easy to use as possible. The new design takes iWebsiteMaker.com to the next level."

The new design for iWebsiteMaker.com, which Kay describes as being "much more Web 2.0," promises to be easier for clients to navigate and effectively implement. According to Kay, this is the entire point. "The draw of this service is that is allows business owners to have a professional website without having to pay an arm and a leg to a professional web development company. It's very easy and accessible, so they can create the site on their own and ultimately save money."

The new iWebsiteMaker.com will still boast the same array of features the site has become known for, including more than 1,700 site templates and a bevy of features ranging from newsletters to message boards. "Business owners can select the ways in which they wish to interact with their clients," offers Kay. Additionally, the site allows small business owners to implement shopping cart technology, enabling customers to purchase products online.

"With this new design, the hope is that iWebsitemaker.com is a better option than ever before for small business owners," concludes Kay. "The new site will allow for the construction of stellar, customized websites at an affordable price."
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