What would Jesus blog? blogs4God.com of course!

November 06, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Since having risen from dead as the "Semi-definitive list of Christians who Blogs," blogs4God.com has not only enjoyed a booming user community but has in this short period of time hosted close to 64,000 page views by over 20,000 unique web surfers 200,000 unique visits if you add in the 400,000 times their syndication/news feed has been downloaded and viewed.

Entirely through unsolicited user-based registrations, blogs4God has reached a number of weblogs by Christians in six weeks that in its previous incarnation took six months. Moreover, because of their process of registering a blog's newsfeed, blogs4God has been able to keep their directory of 'God blogs' devoid of dead sites and spamblogs.

While the site continues to improve their current features such as daily-aggregations, moderated categories, and a directory of active Christian blog, plans are also in the works to add website and book reviews, context-driven searches of daily aggregations and possibly even a forum.

As administrator, 'Mean Dean' Peters likes to put it "so long as the community continues to grow, contribute and participate, I'm committed to giving them the best vehicle I can to let their light shine on.