Gadgets are the Most Popular Teenage Boys' Gifts says Nicey Nice Ltd

December 04, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The Rise of Gadgets

Gadgets are becoming more popular every year, thanks to dramatic leaps in technological advancement. The first iPhone came out just over five years ago and was an expensive gadget found only in the hands of a rare few.

Now, it's uncommon to find someone without a smartphone in their pocket particularly when it comes to teenage boys, who are known for keeping up to date with the latest tech in order to stay cool.

Teenage lads love getting to grips with new technology, and can stay amused for hours trying to figure out the logistics of flying a model helicopter or snapping photos of their adventures with a specially designed camera helmet.

Gadgets for Teenage Boys

Nicey Nice Ltd offers a wide range of electronic toys and gadgets to keep any lad entertained for hours, as well as many items to complement the electronics they already own. Check out a few of the most popular choices available from Nicey Nice:

The Amax Palm Sized Mini Helicopter requires nimble hands and a good eye, and is perfect for teenage lads who have dreams of becoming a pilot and can't wait till they're old enough to drive. It comes ready to fly straight out of the box, it just needs batteries putting in (not included).

The Actioncam 480 is a weatherproof helmet with an in-built camera, perfect for capturing outdoor action, such as snowboarding, mountain biking or Go Karting. It's ideal for any lad who isn't afraid to get dirty out on the tracks and trails of the great outdoors.

The Nerf Havoc Rapid Fire is a dart cannon of epic proportion. It's fully automatic, giving any lad the advantage over those who dare take him on. A lad who enjoys playing combat games on his computer will revel in this opportunity to play the hero himself.

Numerous add-ons for iPhones, such as speakers, camera zoom lenses and portable chargers are available from Nicey Nice Limited Company, as well as a wide range of remote control vehicles, musical instruments and badass robots something for every teenage boy.

Shop Online for Boy's Gifts

Nicey Nice Ltd has loads of brilliant gadgets for sale on its website, If you're struggling to find the perfect gift your teenage boy, visit today to find out what you could treat your boy to this Christmas.