Preston Ely Re-Launches His Deeds From The Dead Probate Course For Halloween 2012

Nashville, Tennessee   October 29, 2012   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Scary … but borderline genius I'd say.

Tampa based Real Estate Investor Preston Ely re-launches his "Deeds from the Dead" course effective for a limited time just in time for Halloween 2012.

Some may be asking…
  • Is Preston for real?
  • Can someone really use this to do more Real Estate Deals (or a deal for that matter)?
  • Will it have an impact on the November election?

  • The answer is yes for the first two. Preston Ely is the one that does most of the talking in this revamped version of his famous "Probates by Preston" course. For those that don't know who Preston is. Preston Ely is an expert on Real Estate Investing and Probate Investing. His other courses have been best sellers in the field of Real Estate Investing and he has worked with various well known investors like Than Merrill, Kenny Rushing and Nathan Jurewicz.

    So why should you check it out?

    The Deeds from the Dead is different mainly because it teaches you step by step how to profit in the Probate field of Real Estate Investing. Most courses just have some dude babbling on in a non-orderly fashion.

    Here is what you get with the course…

    7-Step Quick Start Guide <- this is the reason I bought this
  • Jumpstart Video
  • Probate Profits: Module 1
  • Probate Profits: Module 2
  • Probate Profits: Module 3
  • Probate Profits: Module 4
  • Bonus: Flipping Without Fear

  • Also included are…
  • A 42-Minute Step-by-Step Video with Preston
  • Forms and Contracts
  • A Lifetime Subscription to "The Flip Factor" Monthly Newsletter
  • Two (2) Tickets to our next LIVE 3-Day Wholesaling & Marketing Bootcamp
  • A 30-Day Trial of Preston Ely's Mini-Mentoring & Mastermind Program

  • Anyone looking to take advantage of the Deeds from the Dead course should do so while it lasts.
    This is one of the many programs that Preston Ely has put out. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to get started in Real Estate Investing. I did purchase this course and it has helped me to preform my first Real Estate transaction from Probates. I personally feel this is one of the best programs he has come out with thus so far. Ok, so I've done more than a few deals with this. Take a look at the video here and you will see why. Caution though, the video is not for those who are easily scared or for the faint of heart.

    See the full video here.
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