Wild Harmony book tour - story of how aimless college grad becomes Yellowstone volunteer ranger

Avon Lake, Ohio   November 21, 2012   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Effective Ways For Touring America On A Budget

Far too many vacations emphasize comfort over adventure and learning. Resorts promise the world in an easy all-inclusive package. Instead of driving thousands of miles around the country, many would rather go as fast as possible to one specific location and have a cocktail.

Have you seen America lately? The idea behind a road trip is not new, but it is still a fascinating "one day I'd like to do that" sort of thing. The vast expanse of free land between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans is some of the most diverse and exciting territory in the world. The features and paths change so often that it's hard to keep up.

What must be considered? Nobody should drive continuously from coast to coast. The danger far outweighs the reward of speedy arrival, so think deeply about where you may stay along the way to rest and if possible another person to drive with you. Create a profile on couchsurfer.org to find people who may help you out with a place to stay. Of course gas and an estimate of your vehicle's capabilities is the most obvious "to do." However, when the dollar amount climbs with each additional mileage, keep in mind the goal of this adventure.

Do you have a goal? If you do, great! If not, think about what it is you're trying to do. The Wild Harmony book tour was part amateur travel, part book promotion, and really when it came down to it, an excellent opportunity to visit friends near and far. Expectations were not set too high when it came to making deals with random book stores across the country. Instead, the tour gained experience toward learning more about the American dream in 2012.

Where are some good places to go? If you are visiting friends or family, then it shouldn't be very difficult to get that answer on site. Too much planning of things to do on a trip across America can lead to misadventures and long waiting through traffic. It's much better to leave a few days open. The Wild Harmony book tour stopped in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and stayed an additional day so that the author could visit the famous Strawberry hot springs to prepare for the jaunt to Yosemite and San Francisco the following morning.

And another point of perspective: Sit back and relax while driving or taking a break as a passenger. Photos through windshields do not look good, so just naturally take it in and let the experience flow over you while on your journey. Stay confident while the idea is fresh and roll forward knowing that many have done it before and many more will be on the road with you. Go soon and see America.

Jim Coyne is the author of the book, "Wild Harmony" (www.facebook.com/wildharmony2012) a story of volunteerism in Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 2010. After graduating from college and taking a job in Cleveland pouring concrete, Jim accompanied a friend to Yellowstone with no plan in mind. The rangers took Jim in as a volunteer-in-park (VIP), which included a $15 a day stipend, accommodations at the Tower ranger station, and a job managing the grizzly and black bears. Returning in 2011 and promoting the book on a country-wide tour in 2012, Jim now spends his time with family after working for months on the 2012 election cycle in Cleveland, Ohio.
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