Silverstone Joins Deal Capital for Retirement Account Investing in Private Equity Deals

Seattle, Washington   November 21, 2012   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Silverstone, a provider of retirement account rollovers and complex retirement account structuring for maximum tax avoidance has partnered with Deal Capital for investment opportunities in private equity. The partnership allows both businesses to capitalize on unique business investments and gives individuals looking to secure higher returns and more diversified private holdings, the ability to branch out into profitable businesses which may be for sale.

Originally,, Silverstone provides an array of products and services for individuals and small businesses looking to maximize the potential of retirement account activity. The company provides rollover and set-up services for both small business 401(k) accounts, self-directed IRAs and solo 401(k)s. Silverstone provides investors with tax sheltering options within retirement funds, giving investors the freedom to have more control over how assets are allocated. For instance, self-directed IRA and solo 401(k) funds allow investors to invest in private companies with often more lucrative returns than the general market. By partnering with Deal Capital, Silverstone is able to use M&A deal flow to showcase private investment opportunities in which clients may find interesting.

"The latest partnership with Silverstone has several key benefits," says Troy Jenkins of Deal Capital. "First, it will provide creative and different liquidity options for companies looking to divest interest in their businesses. Second, it gives Silverstone a greater number of options for clients seeking different ways to maximize tax sheltered returns within their retirement funds. Finally, it increases exposure for both buyers and sellers at a time when deal flow is expanding."

The opportunity to invest in profitable, legacy businesses with IRA funds is a boon for many investors who have seen recent market volatility and overall public returns become more risky. By investing in private, local company owners selling a business, investors are better able to maintain control over how the company is operated and can often have more influence on the businesses which can potentially mean much higher returns both short and long term.

"We expect to see greater interest in selling with more liquidity options on the table and Silverstone expects to have more favorable places for retirement funds to be introduced. It's a win-win for everyone involved," says Jenkins.

About Deal Capital

Deal Capital is a mid-market cap investment bank focusing on mergers and acquisitions for companies with EBITDA greater than $1 million. The company has worked with an expert network of partners in helping to complete over $1 billion in deal flow. Deal Capital encourages retiring baby boomers to prepare for the time when their businesses will sell.

About Silverstone

Silverstone is a retirement account advisory firm focusing on high net worth investors and business owners who are looking to shelter themselves from current and future tax burdens. The company uses legal structuring within self-directed IRA and 401(k) accounts to provide liquidity for purchasing more lucrative investments with potentially higher returns. Silverstone is located in Seattle, WA.

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