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November 29, 2012   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) There is no denying the fact that Islamabad is the favourite-most city for real estate investment. There was a time when the Capital Development Authority, which is more commonly known as the CDA, was considered a reliable developer with a number of well-designed, trustworthy projects to its name.

Now however, a lot has changed. The ongoing economic crises within the CDA, the allegations of corruption and the inept management have put a question mark on its credibility. For these and countless other reasons, many investors are turning to other reputable developers in the capital like Multi Professionals Co-operative Housing Society (MPCHS).

MPCHS has a number of 'hot' projects to its credit like Sector E-11, E-13, Sector F-17 and the Farm Housing Project. The on-schedule completion, corruption-free system and the in-time handing over of properties are some factors which have earned MPCHS the trust of the people perhaps which is why B-17, one of its ongoing schemes, is getting a healthy response from the members at, the largest Pakistan real estate portal.

B-17 has long been one of the Top 5 most-sought after investments in the capital during 2011-12. reveals how the sector has been consistently inching up on the price index over the course of last year. In Sept. 2011, the average price of 10-20 marla residential plots in B-17 was Rs 1,984,200. A year later in Sept. 2012, the mean price of the same plots was hovering around Rs 3,235,064. This shows that the prices of 10-20 marla residential plots in B-17 have almost doubled in a year. It has been an uphill climb for per marla prices as well where in Sept. 2011 the average per marla price of B-17 residential plots was Rs 128,364, which increased to Rs 220,622 in Aug. 2012.

The hike in prices is also directly proportional to the kind of interest B-17 plots have been generating on Zameen where in Sept. 2011, only 1.71% of the total number of investors browsing plots in Islamabad were curious about B-17, but a year later, this percentage has swelled to 3.57%, which is the double of what it was a year before. The stats of show an interesting trend in both search volume and prices of plots in B-17. Towards the end of the year, there is a drop in the search volume as well as the average per marla price of B-17 residential plots. This is because real estate transactions generally slow down during the second half of the year.

Slow market activity brings down the prices of just about all kinds of property. Market activities are resumed when the new year begins where investors, who generally prefer holding their investors during the second half of the year, actively engage in buying and selling. Performance charts of B-17 plots show the same phenomenon where the 'down market' and a continuous fall in prices during H2 2011 suddenly picked up as soon as the new year began. The average per marla of residential plots was Rs 112,499, its all-time low, during Nov. 2011. Almost ten months later, in Aug 2012, the average per marla touched the threshold of two hundred thousand.

In Sept. 2012, the average price dropped to Rs 186,504. With the rate of increase in prices of B-17 plots slowing down, there is almost a slight dip that is becoming a bit evident. If you are savvy investor then you know what this dip means it means now is the time to invest in B-17!

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