Road Safety Rules To Stop Pets In Their Tracks

November 29, 2012   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Regardless of whether you live on a rural acreage, in a city apartment or suburban property, pet road accident awareness is essential. In order to deter your canine and feline friends from wandering out onto the road, follow these road safety best practices.

Consider pet insurance
While the idea of rescuing your pet from a road accident is not exactly appealing, figuring out how to cover the costs of expensive and necessary surgery is even less so. By taking out a pet insurance policy that will cover your pet in the event of an accident, you can rest assured that any necessary surgery will be more affordable with up to 80% of your vet bills being covered.

Leash training
Before attempting to venture past the post box, you will need to make sure you and your pets understand proper leash training techniques to prevent them from getting too close to passing cars. A dog or cat that has not been properly trained on how to behave when wearing a leash is less likely to fight the urge to run off and play, which will put them at risk of a road accident.

Unless you are planning on breeding your cats or dogs, it is essential to have them desexed. Desexing is not only a great way of ensuring that your house does not become overrun with multiple puppies or kittens, it is also the easiest way to prevent your furry friends from wandering off in search of a mate. When a male cat or dog recognises the scent of a female counterpart in heat, there is no obstacle they won't climb to get to her, including crossing busy roads.

Fence them in
A sturdy fence is going to be your number one ally for preventing road accidents. If you have a large backyard, you will need to build a fence tall enough for dogs not to jump over and deep enough for them not to dig under. If you notice holes on the perimeter of your fence dug by a dog that is desperate to get out, it might be time to find a way to keep them occupied and happy during your absence.

Cats are known for their night prowling, which means the only way to stop them from roaming the streets is to secure them indoors every night.

The best way to prevent road accidents is to be mindful of your pets at all times, but still give them the freedom to play, discover and have fun, as all pets should. Pet Insurance can give you the peace of mind that your dog or cat will be covered for up to 80% of vet bills covered by the policy.

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