Choosi Launches Easier Way To 'Vet' Pet Insurance Providers

December 04, 2012   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Come on, admit it. You love them. Sure, your clothes are permanently covered in fur. Every night you dream of a bigger bed to make space for them. And holidays have to be planned around who can feed them. But the love you get back is more than worth it.

We're talking pets.

Loyalty, companionship and love
Did you know that Australia has one of the highest incidences of pet ownership? An amazing 2 in 3 of us own a pet, according to the Australian Companion Animal Council (1).

Whether it's a beloved pooch or cuddly cat - pets are a way of life in Australia. There are over 33 million pets of all shapes and sizes - for a nation of only 8 million households!

In return, we enjoy all sorts of benefits. As well as loyalty, companionship and love, pet owners visit the doctor less often than those without1, deal better with stressful situations (2), and are less likely to report feeling lonely (3).

It's not all good news, of course. With pet ownership comes responsibility. The need to feed them, walk them, care for them. That doesn't come cheap.

Perhaps now's the time to talk vet bills.

The difference between life and death
Of the $6+ billion that Aussies spent on their pets in 2009, 36.9% - a whopping $2.2 billion - was spent on veterinary services. That's more than we spend on pet food!

The costs can be staggering. According to Choice Magazines Report, date 28 Sept 2011, an ear infection could cost $234. Arthritis, over $350. Multiple fractures, cancer, or diabetes are in the thousands of dollars. The routine yearly visits to the vet could add up to $300 or more.

Those kind of costs are never going to happen when it's convenient. Yet, It could be the difference between life and death.

Fortunately, there's a simple and affordable solution. Pet insurance.

Pet Insurance options
You insure your car against accidents. Your home, against disasters. Many of us have private health insurance. So why can't you insure against accident or illness for your pet? You can.

Pet insurance is a great way to manage the risk of an unexpected visit to the vet.

Like most insurances, pet insurance comes in a choice of cover. So it's worth comparing what each policy actually provides.

There's accident only insurance, which costs you less than cover that includes illness. Or accident + illness, which covers more but comes with an age limit. It really does pay to compare the best pet insurance option for your dog or cat.

Pet insurance is a small price for such a loved and precious companion.

So, how do you compare pet insurance options? The answer is to be Choosi.

Free comparison service

You may have heard of Choosi, a free comparison service that compares a number of insurance products - including life, health, funeral and income protection insurance - from a range of trusted insurance brands.

Now, Choosi offers Australia's first Pet Insurance comparison service. Simply hop onto the Pet Health Insurance section of the Choosi website. One form will get you pet insurance quotes from a range of insurance brands.

Imagine having to dig around to find an insurer, call them, wait on hold, fill out complicated forms, then keep calling till you have enough to compare. Let Choosi do the hard work for you.

Did we mention the comparison service is free? That's right, the successful insurer that you choose pays us, so we take no direct payment from you.

Money-saving, life-saving options

There are so many advantages to being a pet owner, and so many responsibilities. One way to protect yourself, and them, is to make sure you have Pet Insurance, and you've compared the options. The right insurance could save you money, and the life of your most precious, fun and loved companion.

Visit the Pet Insurance Australia comparison website of Choosi, today.

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2. Australian Companion Animal Council, (2006). Contribution of the Petcare Industry to the Australian Economy. 6th Edition.
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