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December 04, 2012   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Pet owners are a breed apart. Almost 2 in 3 of us Aussies have a pet (1), but for most of us it's a four-legged friend, either a cat or a dog.

Pampered pets are often treated like stars
Celebrities have some of the world's most spoilt pets and who better to spoil their pets than celebrities?

Some of Hollywood's most famous celebrity pet owner's spoil their pampered pets rotten, taking them on first class flights, ordering them room service from five star hotels and carrying them around in couture bags.

And the pet-eccentricity doesn't end there.
It is not only celebrities that spoil their pets. While you're off enjoying a break, your pampered pooch can check into Melbourne's The Pet Hotel with its indoor dog park, luxury suites and spa baths. Sounds like your pet could have a more luxurious break than you!

We can't help but love our pets. Which is why we want to indulge them. But with the fun, companionship and love comes responsibility. Walking them, feeding them, caring for them. And, when they get sick, getting them expert care.

Protect your Pet and choose Pet Cover that is right for your budget
Unfortunately, pets can't tell us how they feel when they're unwell. They can't even explain what's wrong when they're simply off colour. It takes an expert to diagnose an illness. In other words, a vet.

A veterinarian can train for up to 8 years before they become qualified. It really does take an expert to know when a patient who can't talk is sick!

Of course, their services don't come cheap. A simple check up can cost you $75. A bone fracture could be anything from $1500 up to $5000. A urinary tract infection, over $500 (2).

No-one begrudges the caring work of a vet, or a pet's wellbeing - that's priceless. So, vets are a necessary part of pet ownership.

Insure against unexpected vet bills
Pet insurance can cover up to 80% of vet bills and allows you to provide your pet with the best of care.
Who needs an unexpected bill of possibly thousands, when a simple pet insurance policy can help cover you?

Of course, like all insurances, pet insurance is never as simple as it seems. Many trusted insurance companies provide them, but they're hard to compare side by side. Or were, until now.

Now, Choosi has launched a simple way to compare a range of Australian pet insurers for your cat or dog - all on the one website or with one phone call.

Choose the best policy: get Choosi
Choosi helps Australians save time by helping them to compare, choose and apply for insurance online and over the phone. Now, for the first time in Australia, you can do the same for pet insurance.

Comparing your options from a range of trusted insurance providers side by side, makes it easy to see what each policy covers, what it doesn't and how the premiums compare. All you have to do is visit the Choosi website for this free comparison service.

So, whether it's a pampered pooch or a spoilt kitty, give your pet the best protection. Compare the pet insurance through Choosi.

Visit the Pet Insurance Australia comparison website of Choosi, today.

1. Serpell, J. A., (1991). Beneficial effects of pet ownership on some aspects of human health. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 84, 717-720.

2. PetSure Average Cost of Vet Bill Claims, 2011-2012 FY.

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