They're Going Ape Over MONKEYS®, New Climbing Product Comes To The USA

December 08, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
A new outdoor recreational product has just arrived in the United States from Europe destined to have people looking at their backyard trees in a new way for fun. It's called MONKEY® Climbing Hardware and is designed to "turn a tree into an adventure." It is imported from Germany by the American operation, Ropes Park Equipment, a division of Outdoor Venture Group, LLC, the exclusive USA vendor and available by mail order from them at

The back yard, camp, neighborhood forest, local park-almost any suitable tree can become a climbing adventure using the unique MONKEY® climbing hardware. Easily strapped on any tree in as little as 10 minutes-and removed just as easily with no harm to the tree.

Different challenge levels are available for kids, teens and adults. From kindergarten age to advanced rock and wall climbers, there's a MONKEY® kit for everyone. Customers can currently choose from seven ready-to-go kits that include everything needed to get climbing at the level they wish. From just a few feet high for children, to 35 feet for more advanced adult climbers.

MONKEY® kits range from the "Baby Chimp," suitable for four-to-seven-year-olds, which includes 13 MONKEYS® and designed for climbing up to six feet, to the advanced "Ultimate Gorilla" kit with 27 MONKEYS®, designed for climbing up to 35 feet. Kits for climbs over eight feet include required belay (safety support) equipment.

How It Works

MONKEYS® use a combination of the colorful handgrips or climbing holds already familiar to wall and rock climbers, affixed to the unique MONKEY® Hardware which includes a toe- or foothold and receivers for tension belts. The belts are threaded through the MONKEYS® and then easily strapped around any suitable tree and tightened with either a buckle or ratchet. A series of MONKEYS® are positioned up the trunk of the tree in the arrangement and height appropriate to the climber's tastes and capacity of the climbing kit supplied. There is nothing permanently attached to the tree and the MONKEYS® are easily removed for storage or use elsewhere.

MONKEYS are currently available by mail from Ropes Park Equipment's special mail order site, Customers who place orders by December 20, 2012 will be sent a special Holiday gift box for placing "under the tree."

Ropes Park Equipment is the climbing equipment supply division of Outdoor Venture Group, the leading Aerial Forest Park builder and operator in the United States. It has specialized in equipment used in the operation and construction of ropes parks and climbing venues since 2008.