Karmyn Tyler song "Drifting" catching attention of Podcasters

November 19, 2005   Entertainment News

The internet exploded with the MP3 downloads and made us look at the legal aspects of the internet. Now we have podcasting blasting on to the internet music scene. Probably the best known one is Daily Source Code hosted by the 80's MTV VJ Adam Curry, considered to be the Podfather of Podcasting. There are several others that are worth noting. Aaron Bates Big Show, CC Chapman's Accident Hash Podcast, Mark Bradley Podshow and Chris Doelle's Pod Music Countdown Top Ten Podcast. OF course the all important www.podsafemusicnetwork.com that gives you music to play on the podcast and www.podcastdirectory.com. Check out podcasting, whether to listen to or to become a podcaster, it is the wave of the future in the music business.

Recently Karmyn Tyler listed songs from her album (www.karmyntyler.com ) on the podsafe music network, only to discover that cover tunes could only be played by podcasters who were licensed by BMI and/or ASCAP. Before she requested them to be removed, several podcasters had picked up the songs and played them and her sales and internet hits, skyrocketed. I don't think even the record companies realize what a marketing tool this is. Listeners are tired of the music they are forced to listen to on the radio and want some freedom to listen to other independent artist that radio stations will not play.

In order to be a part of the Podsafe music network, Karmyn sat down and wrote a song "Drifting". She got with her friend Chris Meeks to make an arrangement for her which he recorded as a demo for their new album. Karmyn put it on PSM which quickly got attention and "Drifting" debuted 2 weeks later on the Pod Music Countdown Top Ten. Several podcasters have commented that even as a demo, it is a fantastic song and arrangement with great vocals. The song will keep you spellbound as you listen to the haunting melody and the captivation of Karmyn's voice. Listen to clips of it on Karmyn's website: www.karmyntyler.com After dr. mike featured her cover tune album on www.radioiojazz.com , he heard the song "drifting" and asked if he could feature it even though it was a pre release demo. The song continues to be a favorite of the listeners along with Karmyn's album, including Summertime and Guilty.

Dee Chapman of Radio Gets Wild in London, England will interview Karmyn on her program and feature several of her songs from her jazz album including "Summertime" and "Guilty"