Altering Digital Music Landscape Addressed by Experts at Compare Music Download Sites

February 23, 2013   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) February 23, 2013 - Compare Music Download Sites, an expert in reviewing and comparing music download sites, today addressed the fast-changing and increasingly internet-based music marketplace as we enter the New Year.

"A decade ago, iTunes began a revolution in how the public consumes music," says Compare Music Download Sites co-founder. "Music singles became more popular than albums, and people began purchasing and then listening to music on their various digital devices instead of purchasing a CD at the store. After 2012, the digital music marketplace is now supreme but iTunes-while still very successful-faces stiff competition not only from other music download sites but also from the increasingly popular legal music streaming sites like Pandora, Spotify, and others. While music consumption has increasingly shifted to the digital marketplace, it has not remained stagnant as a series of music download sites. We believe the future marketplace will be online and music consumption will continue to undergo its current revolution."

Compare Music Download Sites provides analysis to help consumers choose which music download site matches their needs. The site maintains up-to-date information and reviews while also featuring their top music download sites each month. This month, they have selected SuperPass, eMusic, Naptser, Amazon MP3, and iTunes.

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Compare Music Download Sites began with several music-lovers debating amongst themselves which music download site was superior. After several discussions, these friends wanted to publish their knowledge to help others save time and use the research to find the right music download site for them. From that vision, Compare Music Download Sites has researched and reviewed an incredible variety of music download sites. To learn more, please visit their website at
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