Dr. Alejandro Lopez, Dr. Jacqueline Osuna Launch New Company to Provide Specialized Bariatric Surgery

September 06, 2013   Health News
(PRLEAP.COM) Prominent surgeons, Dr. Alejandro Lopez and Dr. Jacqueline Osuna, launch Specialized Bariatrics, Inc. to offer bariatric services to patients from the United States, Canada and Mexico. Since 2004, Dr. Alejandro Lopez and his wife Dr. Jacqueline Osuna have dedicated their career to weight loss surgery performing over 3,000 bariatric surgeries.

Dr. Alejandro Lopez, along with his wife and fellow bariatric surgeon Dr. Jacqueline Osuna, are now exclusively available through Specialized Bariatrics, Inc. or AlejandroLopezMD.com. Patients can directly contact and schedule their surgeries with renowned surgeon Dr. Alejandro Lopez or Dr. Jacqueline Osuna.

"My vision when creating Specialized Bariatrics, Inc. was to emphasize on the research of weight loss surgery cases," says Dr. Alejandro Lopez. Dr. Lopez continues, "With my own company, I'll be able to interact with patients directly, strengthening the Doctor-patient relationship."

The team of Dr. Lopez and Dr. Osuna are known for their ability to perform all types of bariatric surgeries including revisional surgery - a procedure which only a handful of surgeons can competently perform. They have the ability to rescue complicated and failed bariatric surgeries.

Multiple Locations to Serve
Specialized Bariatrics will focus on the main center in Tijuana, Mexico, but also operates in both Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Guadalajara, Mexico. Tijuana is the most in-demand location for Medical Tourism because of its proximity to the U.S. border and its affordability. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is draw for its tropical destination and its brand-new internationally accredited San Javier Hospital. Guadalajara, Mexico is known for its robust and academically rigorous Universities producing highly trained surgeons.

About Specialized Bariatrics, Inc.
Specialized Bariatrics, Inc. is a unique medical tourism company run by experienced weight loss surgeons and experts in the medical tourism industry. Specialized Bariatrics, Inc. is a partnership between Dr. Alejandro Lopez and Dr. Jacqueline Osuna. Specialized Bariatrics prides itself on offering one of the most thorough weight loss surgery packages in Tijuana, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Patients can book directly with Dr. Alejandro Lopez or Dr. Jacqueline Osuna to perform various weight loss surgeries including: Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Duodenal Switch, Revision Surgery and more.
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