Probability Chain Leaves You Breathless And Eager For More

September 18, 2013   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) Roswell, GA, September 18, 2013 AWG Books will officially release Part 1 of Regan Keeter's epic sci-fi series Probability Chain on October 1. However, an early release is expect and the e-book is available now on Amazon for those who can't wait.

The series asks: What if your life as you know it is not your life? What if the reality you live in is not the only reality? And what if you are not the only … you?

Every option we don't take when making a decision generates new instances of our lives and, sometimes, vastly different and dangerous realities. From the highly creative mind of author Regan Keeter, the twists and turns of Probability Chain keep your imagination in overdrive.

"Regan Keeter's writing provides a dream-like yet hauntingly realistic quality," says Cynthia Pelayo, author of Santa Muerte.

Science fiction buffs will recognize the story concept as inspired by Hugh Everett's "Many Worlds" theory. It begins with a young woman appearing out of nowhere, in the middle of a six-lane intersection, bleeding from her throat. At the same time, the protagonist wakes up to find an intruder in the house and his foster father dead. After he calls the police, Brian goes for the gun he keeps under his bed, but in its place finds a note saying "The police will get here in time."

Another anonymous note, a mysterious bottle of pills, a secret passage, a strange young woman who appears over and over: more than a few baffling twists engage the reader before Brian begins to suspect it's all linked to his work as an intern and the disappearance of an experimental drug that transports those who ingest it between dimensions.

Notable for its original thinking, Probability Chain also boasts an unusual format. "The series is being released in short segments because I want to provide affordable and engaging stories that can be read in a single sitting," Keeter says. "Single-sitting readings allow the reader to truly enjoy the story as it was intended to be enjoyed." Each story, released monthly and available for 99 cents as an Amazon download, picks up where the last left off, ultimately creating a complex tale, epic in scope.

Regan Keeter has been writing professionally for more than eleven years, working as an author, journalist, and technical writer. For more, please visit the website:

Probability Chain Part 1
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