The Danish Reports: Juventus Football Shirts Have Big Rise In Their Value

September 25, 2013   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) The Danish online shop for football shirts Fodboldonline has reported recently, that the Juventus football shirts have been selling a lot more than previous years. Considering the two consecutive titles of the club in the Lega Serie A and the good performance last year in the Champions league (where Juventus reached the Quarter-finals) the "Vecchia Signora" has inspired much more interest in its merchandise. Fodboldonline which are a long-time dealer, have expressed their happy surprise, because even for a popular club like Juventus, the figures are high.

The most interesting fact coming out of it is that people from so many countries buy them. The diversity of clients comes from countries not only in Europe (which is the main market of the company), but also from Latin America, Asia and even Africa. Although some of the new markets can be explained by the strong summer tours which Juventus has been doing in the recent years (for example in Asia and America), others are really astonishing. The managers of Fodboldonline informed us that the Juventus football shirts (the term in Danish is Juventus fodboldtrøjer Fodboldonline) have been bought even by long-time fans of other teams, such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, etc. When we asked them why they chose this item instead of others, they replied that they liked the colors and especially the new design of it.

That's why we contacted many of the famous Italian clothing designers to ask them if the new Juventus football shirts are really that great and if yes what the reason for this is. At first they laughed, saying that this was funny, because the colors of these shirts are exactly the ones which are "boring" with the black and white. But then during our interviews with them we understood that in reality, they told us, the important things for the fans are to be able to proudly represent the football community from which they come and to feel good in the clothes as well. And this second factor is the reason why the Juventus football shirts sell so good on So no matter the colors, the shirts are still clothes, so the fans choose them if they are comfortable and make them feel good. And that's exactly what the new design and material of the Juventus football shirts do.

Having this answer from an expert, we decided to head back to Fodboldonline and ask them if they would change anything in these shirts if possible. They said they wouldn't. They told us that the merit is all in the club's designers who developed the new style.

And this is what it's really about perfection in every shirt which you can get from professional companies like the Danish Fodboldonline.
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