CAI Safety Systems Highlights Roof Fall Protection

Corona, California   October 10, 2013   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) In many cases employees need to access rooftops to perform tasks like maintenance, construction, inspection, and repairs. The work is often done in adverse weather conditions such as high wind, snow, and rain, making a fall protection system absolutely essential.

CAI Safety Systems offers Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant horizontal lifelines, anchors and guardrails that are used to provide fall protection for a variety of roof applications. CAI features a full range of roof fall prevention, fall arrest, and fall restraint systems for protection around leading edges, openings, hatches, skylights, and ladders.

Each roof fall protection system from CAI is custom designed for the clients' specific roof application and needs. The fall protection system is positioned to allow you easy access and practical use. The horizontal lifeline system has a pass-through feature allowing workers to safely transition over intermediate anchors without having to disconnect from the fall protection system. The benefit of a horizontal lifeline is the ability to safely access large portions of the roof while secured to a fall protection system allowing employees to work safely and productivity.

These OSHA compliant roof fall protection systems can be used on a variety of roofs. CAI can even coat cables in custom colors to preserve aesthetics in highly visible locations. The roof structure and the needs of the client are always the driving factor in the system that CAI proposes for any application.

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About CAI Safety Systems:
CAI provides turnkey fall protection, fall restraint and fall arrest systems for railcar, truck, roof, aircraft, bus, crane, tanks, ladder and many more applications. CAI offers OSHA and ANSI compliant horizontal lifeline, guardrail, anchor, safety gate, access platforms and gangway customized for your safety needs. The company has extensive experience in providing a full range of systems to fit your application including fixed, mobile, building mounted, and portable fall protection systems.
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