Gallaway Safety & Supply Publishes Infographic on Industrial Safety Gear

Finleyville, Pennsylvania   October 15, 2013   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Gallaway Safety and Supply has published an infographic on the types of equipment and safety gear worn by industrial professionals to prevent injury and accidents at job sites. The infographic features three main areas: construction, laboratory, and electrical gear. It also includes safety tips and regulation information from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), highlighting different pieces of safety equipment.

Standard gear for construction workers generally includes construction safety hats, safety glasses, impact gloves, and boots. For working on scaffolding or high beams, harnesses are required to prevent injuries from falling. Safety vests in neon yellow or orange with reflective strips will also be worn when working outdoors. For loud environments, particularly on construction sites, ear plugs or ear muffs will also be required. Electrical gear is very similar to construction gear, but clothing tends to have greater fire resistance, and gloves may contain less padding because high impact is not typically an issue. Ear, eye, and head protection is still required.

Laboratory equipment will be very different in both gear and appearance. The style of clothing is geared more toward cleanliness and sterilization rather than protection from blunt force injuries. Respirators are critical when working around chemicals and bio-material, and they come in varieties that have filtration units or separate oxygen supplies. Lab coats and jumpsuits also come in different varieties to protect against different types of contaminants. Often, lab technicians will wear nitrile rubber or latex gloves.

The safety gear regulations established by OSHA have prevented a significant number of workplace deaths and greatly reduced the severity of workplace injury over the years. When OSHA was established in 1970, there were almost 11 incidents of workplace injury per 100 workers. As of 2010, there were less than 4 incidents per 100 workers reducing the number of total reported injuries by nearly 66%.

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