Frevvo Electronic Signatures Provide Convenience, Security

Branford, Connecticut   October 19, 2013   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Frevvo's unique electronic signature technology now allows companies to optimize their online forms, allowing them to more quickly seal purchase, service and other agreements. With Frevvo, users can simply sign forms online, eliminating the need for paper copies of documents.

Online forms provide companies with a more convenient method of taking job applications, providing customers with purchase or service agreements, obtaining payment information and just about anything else typically done by paper documents. The need to provide a written signature on some documents hinders the convenience provided by online forms, as individuals must print, sign, scan and resubmit some documents.

Electronic signatures help individuals avoid this hassle. Using just a mouse or a touch screen device they can easily sign online forms without the need to print a paper copy. Encrypted digital signatures add an additional layer of security to online forms, ensuring the identity of the signer and the authenticity of the document.

Frevvo provides a convenient way for businesses to collect signatures on their e-forms. Using just a standard web browser, users can simply drag and drop a "wet" signature control onto their form. The signature works with both touchscreen devices and desktop computers, allowing users to sign no matter what type of device they're using.

For a more secure signature, users can employ Frevvo's digital signature technology to ensure signatures on e-forms are protected from fraud or forgery. Again by simply dragging and dropping using a standard web browser, Frevvo allows users to lock data in a document and seal it with an electronically generated digital signature that prevents tampering. Frevvo even provides a convenient option that allows users to combine "wet" and digital signatures, adding another level of security and convenience.

With Frevvo's unique technology, companies can improve productivity by getting quicker turnaround on e-forms and other documents needing signature and reduce paper, ink and processing costs.

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