Credit Card Consolidation Loan compares credit card use with sports principles

December 08, 2013   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) December 8, 2013 - Credit Card Consolidation Loan goes through lengths to make sure that their personal finance lessons will be well understood by their readers. On December 2, the website revealed an article titled "3 Things Athletes Can Teach You About Credit Card Use."

The article begins by stating how credit cards will not really go away because it is a useful purchasing tool. However, the purchasing power that it brings can also bring out the worst in consumer spending. So to help consumers understand how credit cards are to be used, they provided these 3 principles that athletes live by in their sport.

1. Understanding the game. Before anything else, the article reveals that consumers must be aware of how credit cards are used - just like an athlete learns about the game. They need to know the interest rate and how every purchasing and payment behavior will have an effect on their financial condition - specifically debt. The article suggests that consumers do a lot of research to fill in the questions that they need to answer.

2. Discipline to reach the goal. The next thing that the article uses to relate sports and credit card to each other involves discipline. Just like athletes are dedicated to their craft, spenders should be dedicated in taking care of their finances - by reading the fine prints for instance. Self control is one of the things that athletes have to live by. This should be the same for credit card holders. They must exert enough discipline to keep themselves from spending beyond what they can afford.

3. Having a back up plan. Lastly, the article explains how athletes prepare for the unexpected. Coaches are known to prepare back up plays in case their initial plan does not work. This is how they utilize the different members of the team to adapt to the unexpected turn outs of the game. This is what the article wants the consumer to have as well. Not only that, athletes know that their careers are reliant on their bodies and one accident or wrong move can cripple them enough to be forced out of the game. This is why they need to stack up on their cash while they are still physically able to earn in their chosen sport. Not only is this principle applicable in credit card use, it is also something that they can implement in their overall financial life.

With these principles, Credit Card Consolidation Loan hopes that consumers will be able to relate to the proper ways to use credit cards.

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