Jim Musgrave Fortifies His Zeppelin Sized Launch For "Steam City Pirates" With A Little Help From His Friends

San Diego, California   January 01, 2014   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) January 1, 2014 - Author Jim Musgrave's Irish detective Patrick O'Malley debuted in early 2013 and quickly became a favorite of historical drama lovers, Steampunk afficianados, and fans of BBC America's Copper. Musgrave's first live events included performers in 19th century garb and with the book readings done by fetching members of San Diego's Hell On Heels Burlesque Revue. He's been busy with blog tours, become popular as a radio guest, has a Pat O'Malley YouTube channel, and even engaged Valentine Wolfe, a Goth Chamber Music duo, to create an accompanying CD for Steam City Pirates, all while writing three more O'Malley books in 2013.

The launch takes place in the stratosphere on Thursday, January 2. Many giveaways have been generously provided by stars of the global Steampunk scene including Jade Zivanovic, Vali-Danut Lancea, Ari B. Bernabei, Chantal Noordeloos, David Lee Summers, Charie D. La Marr, Alex S. Johnson and others.

Forevermore was the first introduction to O'Malley, an American Civil War hero living in the cottage of his old friend Edgar Allan Poe's in 1860s Brooklyn. Upon finding handwritten notes there he begins investigating the bizarre circumstances of Poe's death. This is where we learn why O'Malley has a fear of intimacy with women, and meet his friend, the beautiful, Vassar educated businesswoman Madame Rebecca Charming. We should mention she runs a respectable brothel and helps our hero solve the case as well as his other problem.

Disappearance At Mount Sinai quickly followed and readers were caught up in a story that involved a high profile kidnapping, racism, eugenics, and a boy believed to be a Mazikeen, a seldom discussed character from Jewish folklore. By this point the author was learning more about his audience and their other interests which led O'Malley and Charming into the exotic Steampunk realm in Jane The Grabber, a new adventure involving their old nemesis known to historians as the notorious Hester Jane Haskins.

"The first two mini-mysteries in my series have a lot to do with veterans and their post-traumatic issues and the hospitals that care for them," said Musgrave. "In my opinion, if the living amongst us who are not veterans would spend more time caring about these two issues, then returning veterans would be much obliged. In my first novel, Pat O'Malley cannot have a physical, romantic relationship with a woman because of his war experiences. The American Civil War was the most horrendous war we have ever experienced as a nation."

Steam City Pirates will also have an interactive on-line version, a comic book, and is currently in talks for film representation.

Prior to creating the Pat O'Malley Historical Mystery Series, Musgrave has written five other novels, three collections of short stories, been published in literary and commercial publications and has won many awards for writing and teaching.

Find out more about Jim Musgrave's books and current contests on his website http://contempinstruct.com/Forevermore.
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