MagicPay Merchant Services Revs Up its Service with ePNMobile

Boca Raton, Florida   January 07, 2014   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Due to the ever-increasing demand for mobile computing in today's market, MagicPay merchant services is proud to announce the addition of EPN to its mobile payment processing services.

MagicPay has always offered mobile payment processing by selecting and providing the finest industry apps for its customers. By making the best use of what is available, MagicPay is able to constantly adapt to changes in the merchant services market and provide the best quality credit card processing and merchant account services to its valued customers. "We don't write our own apps," Stated Rami Levi of MagicPay, "we're in the business of providing the best possible service, not software development. In this way, we feel our clients get access to the very best. We can also assist them when changes in the market require new technologies."

With the addition of the ePNMobile, MagicPay can now offer a far reaching and highly-effective mobile payment processing solution to its clients. ePNMobile offers a solid and secure payment system by providing encrypted credit card readers for mobile devices. This is a very important distinction and advantage in today's digital world. For those high-risk merchant accounts, the ePNMobile mobile solution is perfect because it is compatible with MagicPay's high risk processors.

Additionally, by utilizing the iProcess app that was recently added to MagicPay's merchant services, the ePNMobile system can offer more compatibility with a larger variety of mobile devices. With its integrated inventory option, MagicPay feels that ePNMobile will be a particularly beneficial system to businesses whose inventory control is both important and difficult such as hair salons and restaurants. "We're proud to offer this new service," commented Levi, "because it gives us a greater range of services we can offer to our clients. We also feel that for many if not all of our current and future customers, eProcessing Network will give them more options, greater security and more flexibility in their respective markets."

The addition of the ePNMobile to MagicPay's merchant services arsenal is yet another example of how the company is proactively seeking the best possible solutions for its clients. Not only is EPN secure and reliable, as well as highly compatible, it's green. By adding this advanced system, MagicPay hopes to further its goal of better customer service and a greener world for everyone.

About MagicPay

MagicPay is a full-service merchant services provider based in Boca Raton, FL. They provide merchant account services, credit card processing and direct deposits to a variety of businesses and fill a variety of needs. They can provide a processing solution for online businesses as well as brick and mortar retailers. Additionally, they provide free mobile credit card readers and all their services come with no contract.

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About eProcessing Network, LLC

eProcessing Network (ePN) is a software and development company specializing in secure, real-time transaction processing services, payment solutions and support for all small to mid-sized merchants. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ePN is certified to process a comprehensive suite of electronic payment transactions through all major credit & debit card, check/ACH and gift card/loyalty processors, and sells its services, solutions and products exclusively through Resellers and ISO sales channels. For over 17 years, eProcessing Network is a registered Visa USA® Third-Party Service Provider and is compliant with PCI and PA-DSS Data Security Standards.
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