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January 07, 2014   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) For a certified translation, aptranslation.com is the place to go. The company translates complex languages like German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Japanese and Russian to English, or offers translation from English into over 40 languages.

"What do you do when your birth certificate is written in Russian and you're applying for a green card? The INS can't read Cyrillic, but they will accept our birth certificate translation," said Betty Greenwald, Customer Service Representative.

Clinical research organizations also benefit from certified medical translations of devices, drugs, ICF or research papers. Hospitals can enjoy official translations. Companies looking to defend a patent overseas or submit a patent to the United States patent office, can get patent translations that get the job done.

"We are among the most respected language translation companies with expertise in medical English to Spanish translations," said Greenwald. "Whether you need legal translations, a technical translation or any foreign language translation, our variety of language translation services is perfect for your needs."

Hospitals serving the needs of undocumented aliens can benefit from medical translations in Spanish. "Imagine you have a patient that doesn't speak English, how will he understand your general health care announcements? Can he even read hospitals brochures? Understand programs? Read flyers for his or her education? Our certified translations can give them peace of mind," said Greenwald.

Governments serving the needs of multicultural populations can also take advantage of foreign language translations. "Think about all our State programs, there's Social Services, DSS, DMR, DCF, etc. Sometimes even when they speak English, they don't speak it at a level that's easy for them to understand complex government legalese. This is why our certified translations help connect the people to their government, and beyond," said Greenwald.

Individuals can also obtain translation of divorce papers, diplomas, transcripts, marriage license, passports, police reports, even documents for physicians looking to get licensed. "Picture this, you're a doctor from Venezuela and you're trying to become a doctor in the United States. American colleges can't read Spanish, but if you get a certified translation into English, they can accept that and you can begin the revalidation process sooner," said Greenwald.

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