Credit Card Consolidation Loan Shares A 4 Step Plan To Get Out Of Debt

February 03, 2014   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) February 3, 2014 - Credit Card Consolidation Loan published an article last January 27 that aimed to help consumers get out of debt through a simple 4-step plan. The title of the article is "Your 4 Step Plan To Pay Down Credit Card Debt in A Year."

The debt relief website acknowledged that consumer debt continues to rise. Although the experts say that this can be a sign of financial recovery because of consumer credit confidence, Credit Card Consolidation Loan urged consumers to be very careful.

With this, the article provided a 4 step plan that will help consumers get out of credit card debt.

1. The first step is to know the monthly payments. The article advised consumers to analyze their current debts to understand the problem that they have to solve. Simply getting the sum of the debt is not enough. They have to get the interest rate and the minimum amount that is required every month. Then, the consumer is advised to calculate and see how capable they are of paying this off.

2. The second step is to lower the interest rate. Once the consumer knows their debt and their capabilities to pay it off, the article advised that they should concentrate on lowering their interest rate. This will help maximize the savings of the consumer so more of the principal debt can be paid off. This can be done by negotiating with the creditor or looking for a debt relief program that will make it possible.

3. The third step is to make the payment plan as simple as possible. The article mentioned that a simple debt payment plan will make the debt solution less tedious and thus easier to complete. It can be done by hiring a credit expert to help out or by doing it through the own efforts of the consumer. Organization can help achieve this simple plan.

4. The fourth step is to grow the debt payment fund. This can be done by either cutting back on expenses or earning more money. Any money freed by the lower interest rate should be added to the monthly payments to get out of debt faster.

All four steps will help the consumer pay down their debts a lot easier because they will be organized and they have a firm grasp of what needs to be done. The article even provided consumers with tips on how to use their credit cards to avoid incurring unmanageable debt.

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