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December 17, 2005   Technology News

Great news for webmasters and Internet marketers. KIIIC Publishing has sourced the web and indexed a huge collection of articles on various niche subjects. Webmasters - just click on the appropriate category to choose articles, its free! Publishers - submit your articles, it's free to submit articles to our article directory.

The term “Content Is King” has since become synonymous with the Internet. Simply put, it means that if you want the search engines to index and rank your site, it must have good content. Without content a website is basically useless. Search engines love sites with quality content hence the term “spider food” used to refer to quality content. It's a win win situation for everyone involved. Webmasters can choose high quality free articles for their websites to make their sites “sticky”. The search engines love the sites because they have quality content or “spider food”. Visitors love the sites because they can find the quality information they are looking for. Publishers on the other hand get great exposure for their material as well as increased pagerank through backlinks. It's a true win win for all.

Following are established rules for submitting articles to

1. Submitting your articles to ContentWOW Article Directory does not mean you will be paid any sort of financial compensation. You will not be paid by us or any of our users for free use of your article.

2. Affiliate links Are Not Permitted! - Any articles that you submit to ContentWOW Article Directory may not contain any affiliate links what so ever. If your article does mention other products or websites they must contain a direct link only to that website or product.

3. In submitting your article('s) to ContentWOW Aticle Directory, you irrevocably grant others free usage rights to publish your articles - This will include the resource box that you provide which you credit as the author of the content. Said articles may be used in any way by anyone such as but not limited to website publication, ezine publication, magazine publication, web blogs, through RSS syndicated feeds etc.

4. Any articles that you or your staff submit must be 100% your own work - You can not submit articles written by authors other than yourself and our your staff. You may not submit any purchased private label rights articles. All content must be written by you and you must be the sole copyright holder for all articles you submit. Ghost Written articles are ok assuming you are the only person now in ownership of rights to the article in question.

5. Submission of an article does not guarantee that it will be included in the ContentWOW Article Directory - We always reserve all rights to reject any content for any reason.

6. Articles with any spelling or grammar errors will be deleted - It is your job to ensure you only submit professional content, please check your articles before submission.

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