Will Cash Or Credit Make Consumers A Smart Spender? Credit Card Consolidation Loan Discusses The Answer

February 15, 2014   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Credit Card Consolidation Loan published an article on their website last February 10, 2014 to discuss the difference between cash and credit spending. According to the article titled "Cash Or Credit? Which Of Them Will Make You A Smart Spender?" the battle between the two is back. This is caused by the latest Target data breach that made consumers question the security of using credit cards.

According to the article, consumers used to prioritize spending through credit cards because it provides protection from having actual cash stolen. But now, with the data breach, this security is now being questioned.

This dilemma is what led Credit Card Consolidation Loans to discuss which of the two, cash or credit, will really make a smart spender.

Starting with credit cards, the article provided the following reasons why using it as a purchase tool is the smarter way.

1. Credit cards have a rewards program. This simply means the consumer gets something extra whenever they use the card.
2. Credit cards give a credit history. If coupled with a good payment behavior, the consumer can expect a good credit score.
3. Credit cards come in handy during emergencies. Since credit cards are not limited (at least not in the same way as cash), it can be a great help during expensive emergencies.
4. Credit cards add an extra layer of protection. A mentioned, this is a more secure way to make a purchase because the cash is not easily stolen.

For cash, the article provided the following reasons why consumers will learn how to be a smart spender through it.

1. Cash keeps consumers within their budget. When the cash runs out, there is nothing left to spend.
2. Cash encourages consumers to save. In case the money runs out, the consumer is forced to just wait and save up for the purchase.
3. Cash forces consumers to think before buying. Since the cash will make the consumer feel their limited resources more, it will force them to think before they make a purchase.

In the end, Credit Card Consolidation Loan mentioned how cash spending is the smarter choice because it teaches the consumer to budget and save. However, they also noted that credit cards are still beneficial because they teach consumers how to manage their money - especially when it comes to credit.

The article suggested that consumers use both purchasing tools so they be a well rounded spender. To read the rest of the article, click on this link: http://www.creditcardconsolidationloan.org/cash-or-credit-which-of-them-will-make-you-a-smart-spender/.

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