OptiKodes System Helps Struggling Students Stay in Their Learning Zone

February 27, 2014   Education News
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The OptiKodes Answer introduces parents to the OptiKodes™ System, quickly redirecting a child toward complete school success and recovery of self-esteem and motivation.

Not all children learn best with the "sit, look, and listen" approach, which rests on the "read-to-learn" principle. Instead, many children must engage the other four modalities to thrive: the seeing, hearing, moving, and thinking modalities. These modalities must be engaged in a precise, particular order depending on the child's OptiKode. When this happens, a child is supported exactly as they need, and breakthroughs and success follow.

The OptiKodes System consistently gets these struggling students to grade level and beyond. The OptiKodes System has proven to be life-changing for hundreds of students and their families. It is simple, affordable, and effective.

With the OptiKodes System parents can easily learn how to end their child's learning difficulties with the tools and resources that the OptiKodes System puts into their hands. It shows how to support a student's learning in a way that school has not been able to. The goal of The OptiKodes Answer and the OptiKodes Academy website is to show parents how they can turn upside down learning right-side up and keep it that way.

"Kim has been a lifesaver for our family. My seven-year-old daughter has been working with her for over a year now. When we started, she was struggling with reading and growing disinterested in school. We had tried everything, but despite my earnest efforts, I was contributing to her disillusionment with learning! As it turns out, I learn in a very different way and didn't understand how to help my daughter. Kim turned that around-educating all of us on the different ways children learn, how my daughter learns best, techniques to help her, what to do and not to do. Kim transformed my household from a war zone to a peaceful place where homework gets done without fights and going to school in the mornings is something everyone looks forward to."-Jessica H.
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