California Pastor Introduces ‘Churchpreneur’ Mentoring Program

December 19, 2005   Lifestyle News
(PRLEAP.COM) (Hayward, CA)— A California pastor has introduced a business and spiritual mentoring program through his church that will prepare and release hundreds of Christian entrepreneurs into the economy over then next year. On January 8 th, Dr. Willie Anderson, pastor of New Bethel Community Church in Hayward, California, will officially launch the congregationís new "Churchpreneur" program, which will combine practical business and financial training with spiritual mentoring and study.

Anderson initiated the Churchpreneur program to address what he sees as an unnecessary cycle of poverty and suffering among so many Christians today. "I strongly believe that God has not only regenerated our souls through salvation in Jesus Christ," said Anderson. "The Bible clearly declares that he has also given us the resources we need to prosper in every area of life Ė including in our finances and futures."

Anderson explained that too many new Christians — and believers in general — "donít understand the precepts for Godly prosperity Ė that God wants to bless His children with the finances they need to provide for their families as well as for the needs of others. The Bible is clear that it is God who gives the power to get wealth."

The problem, Anderson pointed out, is two-fold: "Number one, too many folks today are under the impression that success and prosperity are a matter of luck or being in the right place at the right time. Number two, many donít know the secret of Godly stewardship Ė that God empowers His children with wealth so they can pour it back into His eternal purposes. Itís not a me, myself, and mine proposition."

Anderson explained the three-fold purpose of Churchpreneur:

To instruct believers on the power God has given them to transform their finances and economic futures.

To equip them with the knowledge and resources to become what Anderson called "kingdom entrepreneurs" Ė successful business men and women who not only provide adequately for their own families, "but who are able to pour resources back into the work of Godís kingdom," he said.

To provide mentors who can coach them and model godly attitudes and actions in the area of finances and business.

Anderson said the vision of Churchpreneur over the next year is to release 500 business men and women into the local Hayward economy, as well as nationwide. "These Christian entrepreneurs will in turn use the businesses God has given them to pour wealth back into the kingdom, and to help raise up the next generation of Churchpreneurs," he said. "Itís really a scriptural cycle of giving and receiving Ė and giving again."

The Churchpreneur program consists of an initial five-week orientation program during which participants receive intensive spiritual instruction as well as mentoring in personal, career, and financial development. Graduates then have the option of entering the Promised Land Business Academy, which provides students with more hands-on training in starting and running a business. "Our graduates will be prepared not only to bless their families and the church, but the community as well," said Anderson. "This is a program for community transformation, and the way that happens is through transforming the lives of community members."

Anderson added that the Promised Land Business Academy would also be open to community members desiring the training. "We recognize the need throughout our communities for others to learn the example of businesses in action run by people of faith with a kingdom agenda," he said. "So weíre offering this training to anyone who desires to learn these proven principles and take their business or ideas to the next level."

Classes at Promised Land Business Academy are free and begin the week of Jan. 8th 2006 at New Bethel Community Church in Hayward, California.

Anderson said that his ultimate goal is to expand the Churchpreneur program nationally. "There are a lot of congregations and communities just like ours that would benefit greatly from this program," he said. "Our plan is to raise up similar programs nationwide."

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