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Kendall Park, New Jersey   March 20, 2014   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Endicott Comm is a medical call center that provides a range of services from standards answering services to appointment scheduling. The company added a new service to their repertoire, encrypted SMS messaging services. Encrypted message capabilities allow for medical information to be transmitted via cell phone text messages in a safe and efficient manner.

In order to use encrypted messaging services, an application must be downloaded to each user's cell phone. Once the application is downloaded, the device becomes capable of receiving encrypted messages from a secure server located in Endicott's medical call center. SMS encrypted messaging has been proven to be so secure in the transmission of individuals' private medical information that it has been deemed acceptable by HIPAA guidelines.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), was created as a means of protecting patients' personal and medical information from being exploited or otherwise transmitted to unauthorized persons. Endicott Comm's employees are trained in the delicate nature of handling medical information with propriety, adding to the security of the service. Employees who handle and facilitate the transmission of medical messages are trained to know the HIPAA standards for electronic transmission of medical information, as well as the national identifiers for healthcare providers, insurance agencies, and employers.

Endicott's medical call center operators and other employees are also trained in the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, complying with that Act's requirements for notifications in regards to any security breach in relation to Protected Health Information.

Encrypted SMS messaging services can be combined with other medical answering services provided by Endicott Comm, such as their virtual receptionist and live answering service. With this new technology, call center operators are not only about to accept inbound calls; they are able to send messages from those calls directly to care providers in real time. A few minutes delay can often mean tragedy in the medical profession, so cutting out delays is a major boon.

Combining well-trained, professional medical call center staff with the encrypted technology and specialized application offered by Endicott Comm, allows for the safe, secure, and speedy transmission of medical information. Often in medicine, emergencies arise and patients need the attention of their Primary Care Physician or other regular doctor while in the middle of an emergency room; the capability for doctors to communicate and collaborate via instantaneous text messaging could increase both the speed and quality of care. There are many circumstances within daily medical business in which the ease and speed of encrypted medical messaging could be a useful tool.

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Endicott Comm offers medical call center services ranging from the simple, everyday answering services, to high tech innovations like virtual receptionist services and encrypted SMS messaging. The company strives to provide efficient service while maintaining professionalism and the highest level of security of client information. In an effort to protect individual's medical information, Endicott's employees are trained to be well versed in protocol and practices regarding the HIPAA and HITECH Act as relates to their business. Quality medical call center services provided by Endicott Comm can help any medical provider or insurance company provider safer, better, more efficient care to their patients. For more detail please visit, http://endicottcomm.com/.
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