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December 22, 2005   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Tens of thousands of online businesses use Google Adwords to
advertise their products and services on the Internet.
However, many fail miserably as their ads are so poorly
written the fail to generate the minimum CTR Google allows
(.5%). When this occurs their ads are disabled and they are
charged a $5.00 fee from Google to reactivate their account.

It would appear that while many online businesses understand
the importance of choosing targeted keywords for their
advertising campaigns, they haven't a clue as to how to
write compelling ads that make surfers click.

Now a new software program called Ad Word Generator will
solve this problem by giving you over 5,127 sales terms that
are proven sellers in 65 specific categories, so that 90% of
the hardest part - thinking - is done for you.

Rodney Rumford, a full-time AdWords advertiser says, "The
ability to create amazing Google Adwords copy in no time
flat is really nice. I now use this software for every
campaign that I start. This is a real 'Must Have' tool if
you want to create ads that get high click through rates."

With the power of Ad Word Generator, it's like owning a
top-notch staff of copywriters creating red-hot ads for you
at a fraction of their normal cost. Plus instead of having
to do everything online, you can now quickly and easily
create new ads, edit old ads, spell check and make sure
you're not violating any Google rules before you even log

As Jeff Alderson, CEO of Xybercode, Inc. and one of the
creators of Ad Word Generator says, "Forget about the
tedious, painful process of creating Adwords. We've already
done all the grunt-work for you and will give you everything
you need to cash in big with Adwords."

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