Draze.com forms ISEA (Independent Search Engine Alliance)

December 22, 2005   Technology News
(PRLEAP.COM) Lansdale, PA December 22, 2005 — With an enormous volume of users the major search engines receive, and the majority of internet users turning to the them at all times, Draze is in the process of developing a network that focuses entirely on providing 'enormous' search results for just about anything. The purpose of the network is to empower the users with various search resources and keep end users coming back.

ISEA - Independent Search Engine Alliance - will consist of various search engines: international, specialty, directories and so on, offering different components for users to search with. The goal is very simple - to deliver RESULTS to an end user at all times. An end user should be satisfied knowing they are in good hands and will be provided ample amount of search resources to find what they are looking for. When a user is utilizing an engine that is part of the network, they can easily EXTEND their search by visiting other engines using the drop down menu on the search result pages. All engines will have an identical drop down menu containing the network partners for end users to EXTEND their search on. If an end user is unable to find it on one site, they can easily navigate across the network till they find what they need.

"As everyone knows it is becoming increasingly difficult to compete with the search engine giants of today. If someone is unable to find what they are searching for on the smaller search engines, they turn to the major engines instantly. This happens so frequently that no one gives another engine a chance. In return, the smaller engines tend to lose users. Our mission is to prevent that. Once this network progresses, we can keep our customers by providing better ways users can search for just about anything. United we stand, divided we fall - that is our mentality”, said Mona Zafar, President of Draze MetaSearch.

The ISEA network has received positive response since its deployment. Currently there are 6 engines in the network with a decent growth rate. Future partners and additional information can be found here:


About Draze.com:
Draze is a metasearch engine that goes beyond searching for just simple text characters and operates entirely by querying other major search engines. As of now, Draze gathers its results from about 7 other major search resources. Draze seeks and brings the most relevant information to you and is a much more human way of searching.

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