Colorado Springs Author Publishes New Book "Primal Sympathy"

Colorado Springs, Colorado   May 07, 2014   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) PRIMAL SYMPATHY, a new book by Dee Silverstein, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

May 7, 2014 - Colorado Springs, CO – Dee Dupree Silverstein, co-founder of "Dallas Acts Kind," writes a novel about man's ability to step out of madness into "revelation" in PRIMAL SYMPATHY. This first adventure in her historical trilogy has been given the "Honorable Mention" award at both the LONDON BOOK FESTIVAL and the MIDWEST BOOK FESTIVAL in Chicago, Illinois.

In Silverstein's story, a Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Jew are brought together in an attempt to avoid a world crisis through an unorthodox means. PRIMAL SYMPATHY introduces us to multi-dimensional thinking, connecting us with a reality and intelligence that is timeless. It poses the questions: Are there other dimensions? Can we avoid war? Is it possible to reach Revelation through the mind?

Jackie Waldman, author of THE COURAGE TO GIVE series, writes that PRIMAL SYMPATHY is: "Wise, poignant, spiritual…button pushing…haunting…insightful in ways once unimaginable…"

PRIMAL SYMPATHY is not only a book about the human heart, but of the potential of the human mind. It challenges us to consider the possibility that our thoughts can effect change at the level of the mind-an idea that has been discussed in "think tanks" like the Monroe Institute and the Stanford Research Institute, and implemented by the CIA during the Cold War.

"A four star general [speaking at a Police Academy graduation ceremony] said the most important four-letter word in the English language is… Love." —Chief of Dallas Police, Ben Click, 1996 (excerpt from his speech in the KINDNESS DOCUMENTARY)

Book synopsis:
Killing his best friend who was a decorated colonel in his army is just one of the many atrocities that Lebanon's Prime Minister has committed. Now, his stockpile of nuclear weapons is causing conventional US military strategists to clamor for a first strike against the rogue state.

The United States President proposes a meeting with the Lebanese Prime Minister to reach a nonviolent conclusion to this conflict. Her plan is to use a portal into "mind" and invoke his primal sympathy. This idea causes her battle-hardened Secretary of Defense to sanction rumbles of impeachment.
Yet, who among them could know that their first woman president is not only the embodiment of immense talent, but also the key to an absolute existential truth accessed by what was long ago given up as a "failed" CIA experiment?

About the Author:
Dee Dupree Silverstein has a background in public relations and marketing, and started Dupree/Miller and Associates with her literary business partner, Jan Miller. She studied screenwriting with Dr. James Boyle, former professor at the University of Southern California Film School, and worked as a writer for film producer Martin Jurow (Breakfast at Tiffanys, Terms of Endearment). She was the ghostwriter on actor Dennis Weaver's autobiography. She co-founded "Dallas Acts Kind" and The Kindness Foundation in Dallas, Texas. Silverstein lives in Colorado with her family.

"Primal Sympathy" is a 328-page book available in both paperback ($27.00, ISBN978-1-4349-2849-8) and hardcover ($28.00, ISBN 978-1-4349-2848-1). It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, or to request a review copy, please go to our virtual pressroom at or our online bookstore at The author can be contacted at
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