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December 24, 2005   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) Voice Over IP (or VoIP) is one of the sleeping technological giants of the 21st century. Forever hovering on the periphery of the awareness of the general population, VoIP has been slow to achieve mass market success.

VoIP, in its simplest form, allows people to talk to each for free using an internet connection, regardless of their global location. attempts to explain the benefits of VoIP, as well as comparing the main VoIP providers, as Stefan Michelak,'s developer explains.

"Recently events have begun to drive VoIP technology into the mainstream. VoIP Service providers such as Skype have emerged bringing with them much needed branding, marketing and some of the simplification needed to spark greater consumer awareness". ( ) provides essential impartial advice on service providers, and allows customers to compare products and services available to them.

The potential mass appeal of VoIP for end users has been highlighted by Skype’s phenomenal success in signing up new users and the resultant approval within big business that led to eBay Inc. acquiring VoIP’s biggest name (Skype) for £1.4 billion in September 2005.

Following Skype’s lead, there are now many different service providers offering VoIP services, incentives and varying call charge rates. The VoIP market is incredibly healthy and competitive and this can bring phenomenal money-saving benefits to consumers who are savvy enough to be able to survey the field of potential service providers, USB Phone and VoIP hardware providers at their disposal and make the correct choices for them. is a new UK based company which aims to cut through the confusion and disparity that often plagues attempt by consumers to get to grips with VoIP. has collected a wealth of information about VoIP providers, products, and equipment and is now ready to present this information to the consumer in a clear and concise manner. So for the ‘average joe’ who wants to save money on phone calls but is confounded by VoIP’s complexities, there is now a comparison service to provide clear information on all the major VoIP providers.

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