Trade Show Emporium Announces a New Line of Lightweight, Table Top Displays

Denver, Colorado   May 17, 2014   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) May 17, 2014 - Trade Show Emporium (TSE) released a new line of attention-grabbing Table Top Top displays that offer a convenient, light weight, and in some cases, Eco-friendly approach to boost business. After experiencing tremendous success through their Pop- Up display line, Trade Show Emporium decided to announce a more stream lined, affordable product that will assist those looking for a smaller, more versatile display.

The customization that this modular product has to offer goes without comparison. iPad displays, LCD mounts, LED Lighting and table throws are just a few of the features that this adaptive design prides itself on. Michael Munstock, Director of Development at Trade Show Emporium, boasts that the new topper displays "are one of the most portable, durable products they sell and are a great investment for those looking for a functional display to use at a trade show, event, or showroom."

This line features an Eco-friendly product that will be sure to reduce your footprint on the planet at its lightest capacity. The Baker, packs green qualities such as a frame that is made from 70% recycled aluminum and Paradise Fabric Graphics that are made from 100% recycled Soda Bottles. This fabric is not only vibrant, but is 40% stronger than similar 'green' fabric print media. The foam packaging is molded specifically to each graphic display which ensures a proper fit when shipping or storing the hard plastic case which is also made from 100% recycled plastics. The eco design also includes 2 mini, bright LED lights that are 10 times more efficient, and last 10 times longer than the regular run-of-the-mill halogen bulbs that come standard with other displays. Trade Show Emporium is proud to offer this table top display with included shipping/carrying case which offers all the benefits of an exceptional presentation minus the cost of weighing down the wasteland.

The ease of setting up and tearing down The Baker and other table topper displays are bar none. Silicone edges are a main motive for making that process an ease and run standard on all the toppers allowing for a clean, pristine finish. A tool -less assembly also attributes to the manageable effort this product line requires. When setting up your display, "we recommend wearing white gloves to assure a long lasting, clean graphic display" claims Munstock, "it's a minor detail that will make a world of a difference".

Purchasing an Eco-friendly display benefits the planet in more ways than one. Sorghum board, used for more rigid graphic displays, is often thrown into landfills after harvest. Using the board in the construction of the display not only removes it from the waste stream and reduces landfill need but also reduces air pollution. It also gives rural farmers a new source of revenue by being able to use what was previously unused waste material. The bamboo plywood is 100% rapidly renewable and completely emission free, being sure to keep global warming at bay. Lastly and proudly, many of the materials are made in the USA keeping the economy at a steady incline while moving towards a greener planet.

After having had the opportunity to explore the eye easing Table Top Topper Displays (try saying that 3 times in a row) it appears that Trade Show Emporium is headed in the right direction when it comes to being on the cutting edge of trade show displays. Alongside this new, exciting product line, Trade Show Emporium hopes to provide the superb customer focused mentality it's known for at a continued an affordable price.
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