The Impy's Announce Winners of the 2005 Improv Miami Prizes or 'Impys'

December 24, 2005   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) Nominees for recognition included the categories of for improv troupes in each of South Florida's counties as well as Best Improvised TV Show, Best Improvised Film, Best Sketch TV Show, and Best Stand-up Venue and were voted on by the directors of many of the troupes in South Florida. These peer-rated awards are given to recognize the unique talents of the troupes in South Florida and excellence in the improvisational artform.

Designed to promote improvisation as an art form in South Florida, the Impys are positioned to become an annual event that will always please and contain the best improv has to offer.

South Florida's top improv troupes were honored in the event featuring winners for categories in each county. Addional recognition was given for Best Stand-up Venue, Best Improvised TV Show, Best Sketch Comedy TV Show and Best Improvised Film.

The winners of the Impys were:

Miami-Dade County:
Best Short Form Improv Troupe 2005 - Laughing Gas

Best Sketch Comedy Troupe 2005 - Impromedy

Broward County:

Best Short Form Improv Troupe 2005 - THEY improv

Best Sketch Comedy Troupe 2005 - Laffing Matterz

Palm Beach County:

Best Long Form Improv Troupe 2005 - Mod27

Best Sketch Comedy Troupe 2005 - Gated Community

In addition to these Impys, had competition in additional categories to receive recognition for excellence and contribution to improvisation as an art form.

Those receiving recognition in these additional categories were:

Best Stand-Up Venue 2005 - The Seminole Paradise Improv

Best Improv TV Show 2005 - A.S.S.S.S.C.A.T. Improv from BravoTV

Best Improv Film 2005 - Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story by Brant Sersen

Best Sketch Comedy TV Show 2005 - Saturday Night Live

All awards and recognition were selected by the improv troupes in South Florida with each troupe having one vote. To have a vote, the troupe must have had at least 5 professional performances in South Florida during 2005.

The event is seen as a way to help promote excellence in craft and to celebrate the different approaches and uniqueness of the different troupes in South Florida.

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