Academic Ladder® Inc Announces Virtual Teleconference: "How Academia Messes With Your Mind And What To Do About It"

Reston, Virginia   May 21, 2014   Education News
(PRLEAP.COM) Reston, VA - United States - Tuesday, May 21, 2014 - Academic Ladder® Inc, is a company that helps professors and graduate students become productive writers, finish their dissertations, navigate academia, and get tenure and promotions. The company is best known for its membership site for grad students and professors with writers block, the Academic Writing Club.

They announced today that they are hosting a free virtual teleconference, "How Academia Messes With Your Mind And What To Do About It" which starts tomorrow, May 21 and runs through Friday May 23. There will be four Interviews or talks on each of the three days of the event.

This virtual teleconference will be held online and on the phone. The goal of "How Academia Messes With Your Mind And What To Do About It" is to make academics aware of the dysfunction that exists in academia, and learn strategies for coping with it and thriving despite the difficulties they encounter.

Gina Hiatt, President of Academic Ladder® Inc, said that it's absolutely free to attend the virtual teleconference and to listen to the talks for 48 hours after they air. The complete recordings of all twelve presentations and their transcripts will also be available as the "Academic Survival Toolkit" for only $67.

"These 12 interviews and talks with experts on higher education will help professors and graduate students navigate past the numerous roadblocks that academia puts in their way," said Hiatt. "We all know that academia messes with your mind, especially at the higher levels. But it's seldom discussed. My goal is to bring these issues to the light of day and help people see that they are not alone with their struggles."

Hiatt added that a bonus for registering for this telesummit is that all registrants will receive a coupon for 50% off the next session of the Academic Writing Club, which starts May 26. "Becoming and remaining a productive writer is very difficult in academia. We believe that most academics need coaching, accountability and support to achieve ongoing writing productivity. That is why I developed this innovative membership site for academics."

To learn more about "How Academia Messes With Your Mind And What To Do About It" or to register for this free event, go to

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Founded in 2004, Academic Ladder® Inc has helped thousands of graduate students and professors to finish their dissertation, find jobs, navigate their early faculty years, get tenure and promotion, through coaching and especially with the Academic Writing Club. The company's mission statement is "to empower academics to achieve their own academic missions and goals, while also living fulfilling lives and remaining true to their values". To learn more about Academic Ladder Inc, go to or the Academic Writing Club at
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