December 24, 2005   Lifestyle News

Los Angeles: The launch of www.TrackSantaClaus.com comes with a humanitarian approach to this holiday season as the creator of the website has will use the launch to help raise funds for underprivileged children who have been displaced from their home.

This Christmas there is a variety of ways to follow Santa Claus on his journey around the world. www.TrackSantaClaus.com was created to assist families in their web search by listing direct links to these various tracking systems. Families can visit numerous websites and track Santa through a radar system and map out his journey, receive phone calls from him, read a letter from the North Pole that provides readers with a weather update, a countdown to Santa’s arrival and travel status overall or download data and map Santa's progress as he spans the globe at incredible speed. www.TrackSantaClaus.com directs visitors to these websites and other Christmas related sites where families can email Santa, play Christmas games, find Christmas Carols, order Christmas ornaments, learn about Christmas trees, purchase gifts and more.

The website also hosts affiliate links where visitors can purchase gifts online. Henry K. Priest, the creator of www.TrackSantaClaus.com will to donate a portion of the profits made through these links to go towards scholarships for under privileged children. More specifically, there are four children who have been displaced from there home. All of whom are siblings and are related to Henry. This shift is residence came about recently when the children witness their uncle get shot by a stranger at close range outside their home in Cudahy. He is currently in critical condition and in the hospital. With this incident came an investigation that lead to intervention into the children’s lives. It has been determined that their home is not safe for children because of extreme living conditions which include adults participating in drug activities, suspected gang activity and crime. In an attempt to keep all the children together, who’s father is serving a life sentence in prison for murder and their mother who is currently in jail for unrelated incidents, they have been taken in by Henry’s parents. Although Henry’s sister and her husband have three children of their own, they have also taken in two other children, who have been displaced from the same home where the crime was committed because their mother has been deemed unfit to care for her children until she completes a drug rehabilitation program.

In an attempt to raise awareness of the website to raise fund for these children, there are plans to dress some of the children as Santa Helpers as they visit local shopping centers in the Los Angeles area to pass out flyers that will read “TrackSantaClaus.com.” The term “Track Santa Claus” is used as a metaphor for these children and other underprivileged children who live in harsh living conditions who may not have a Santa in their life and often find Santa in community. While more fortunate children send letters to Santa and have their Christmas list fulfilled under the tree. These children are writing letters to their parents who are incarcerated and sleep under the Christmas tree in the living room. Look out for them at a local shopping center in the greater Los Angeles area on December 24th.

Henry is a former wrestling coach and teacher at Schurr High School and South El Monte High School, respectively. He began college on a $300.00 scholarship awarded to him by his high school wrestling coaches. To date he has allocated over $25,000.00 in scholarships to “at risk” youth. Recently Henry has switched careers to pursue a career in the film industry. He would like to thank SK8 Life Clothing for launching their online clothing store through TrackSantaClaus.com, Nuvein Magazine for hosting the webpage and Digital Business Design College L.A. for website development.

Contact: Henry K. Priest Cell (323) 365-1496, Email: TrackSantaClaus@yahoo.com

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