Zelus Games Releases Race a Maze for iOS, Android and Facebook Platforms

June 17, 2014   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) June 17, 2014 - Race a Maze is a new fun and innovative 3D maze game designed to take puzzle games to the next level. The Race a Maze has over 100 levels to race through with maze layouts that change each time you play.

With Race a Maze, players work their way through four unique zones of randomly generated mazes packed with locked doors, moving platforms, spike traps and treasure chests. As the players race their way to the exit, they can pick up as many coins and stars to open new levels and buy helpful items. Players rescue friends along the way, unlocking new playable characters that have their own unique upgradeable special ability, and compete with friends for the fastest time to clear stages.

"Race a Maze was designed as a light-hearted but challenging action-packed game filled with tough baddies, tricky traps and craftable power-ups," said a spokesperson for Zelus Games. "We incorporate innovation in game design and inspire to create unique and addicting game play across all major platforms."

In additional to the 100 levels, there are four playable characters, each with their own unique skill to get you out of tight situations and over 30 hats and costumes. Throughout the game, players are able to unlock new characters, unique skills, and hidden content, as well as 28 unique power-ups to craft and use throughout each level.

Race a Maze is free to download and is available worldwide on the App Store, Google Play and Facebook. For more information or to download Race a Maze, visit their website at www.raceamaze.com.

About Zelus Games:
Based in Hong Kong, Zelus Games strives to incorporate innovation in game designs. Zelus Games is the exclusive publisher of Race a Maze.
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