Credit Card Consolidation Loan Shares Reasons Retirees Return to Employment

June 18, 2014   Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) June 18, 2014 - Credit Card Consolidation Loan recently came out with an article that lays out some of the reasons retirees are opting to go back to work. The article titled "Working Retirees: Debts Are Not Entirely To Blame" shares how debt plays part in the decisions of retirees to seek new employment but is not the only cause. There are other points to consider why retired people pursue working post retirement.

The article starts off by stressing the fact that at this point, the baby boomers are the ones heading off to retirement. This generation was born between the years 1946 and 1964. This 2014, they are anywhere between 50 to 68 years of age and are at the right time to take advantage of retirement. But there are more and more retired people heading back to the employment line.

Though debt is not the only reason for this, the article shares that it still remains one of the top reasons retired professionals are coming back to work. Ideally, retirees should be debt free and just has to contend with the living expenses on a day to day basis. But there are retirees that has accumulated so much debt that paying-off every single one would take years past retirement age.

The article explains that another reason for retirees preferring to work again is to be able to maintain the lifestyle. One distinction of baby boomers is the fact that around the time of retirement is the same time the effects of the most recent U.S. recession is felt. This leaves baby boomers with reduced asset values, increased debt and a less than desirable level of retirement funds. This forces most of the retirees to pursue work again to be able to maintain the lifestyle that the baby boomers have grown accustomed to.

For some, it is quite hard to depict a future where the normal daily routine would be waking up to cook breakfast, watch tv, crochet, cook, sleep, cook again and back to bed. There is just not much social interaction or use of acquired talents and skill in retirement. That is why the article shared that one of the reasons some retired professionals are coming back to the workforce is only because of a desire to matter. No debt and lifestyle to maintain, it is just the need to do something with extra time.

The article also shares some tips on how retired people can return back to work. It starts off by suggesting that the most current company would be a good start. It could either be a position with less stressful workload and a more flexible time. Using the wealth of experience could also land a retiree some consultancy job or even teaching. Another is creating a side business out of a hobby. It could be pot making or baking. The retiree enjoys the work and earns off it as well.

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